If there’s one thing we love about gorgeous jewellery label, Violet Gray Design, it’s that it is so much more than its sacred pieces crafted with silver, gold, semiprecious stones and crystals.

Violet Gray is a mindful biz built upon The Power of Intention, community and the collective feminine strength and capability.

So who are the women — the two sisters — behind these beautiful, energetic products and the global VG community? Where did it all begin? What challenges them? What moves them?

Allow us to introduce you to Alex and Frances, as part of our latest #GuruToWatch interview.


The best part of my job is…

Alex: Dreaming up concepts and designs and then bringing them to life. I love connecting with ‘meaning’ and purpose and then infusing that into a tactile creation. Crystals are so magical, so it is the perfect mix.

Franny: The freedom to come up with ideas and implement them right away. No crazy red tape to work through. And being a part of a brand that has so much heart and soul put into it. It is a privilege to stand within it.

I chose to enter this field of work because…

Alex: I fell into it. I was pursuing a career in television and journalism and it just wasn’t flowing. Crafting with my hands and jewellery had always been a ‘go to’ I guess in times of crisis or indecision. So in 2009 I started making earrings while I worked out what was ‘next’ and that’s the beginning… After a few years of travel, Violet Gray came along in 2012. Since then, I haven’t look back or for anything else.

Franny: Alex wouldn’t take no for an answer! After years of working for other organisations, it was time to take a risk.

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

Alex: The logistical, structured side of business. I freaking avoid it like a plague and that can create challenge because of my resistance and the stories I have created around it. When you are creative, it is all you really want to do. But you need to work within the balance and juggle all that is necessary to run a business. Luckily Franny is here and logic and implementation is one of her (many amazing) strengths!

Franny: Trusting in my inner knowing and leaving amazing companies and positions to follow my heart. This goes against every good career move in the text book.

The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are…

Franny: I’ll hand this one over to Al.

Alex: That we have it all ‘figured out’. And that Jewellery is easy. Ha.

The most influential person in my career has been…

Alex: Probably my sister. Yes, you Franny!

Franny: Gosh, there have been some amazing people. But the key would have too be Andrew Stark (CEO of Surfing Australia). He believed in me and taught me very early on to be bold, to back myself, to jump before I was ready and to work extremely hard. I will be forever grateful for that.

If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

Alex: Believe in yourself. And go and explore the world, anything is possible. The only limitations come from within. You ARE FREE.

Franny: Get back to class and soak it all in. ‘P’s get degrees’ is not a great attitude Franny (albeit a great justification for sun baking over studying)!

My greatest achievement has been…

Alex: Violet Gray. I feel that. I feel so proud of her evolution and the joy that the VG creations bring to so many lives. And the purpose that she (as in Violet Gray) has given me.

Franny: This is going to sound incredibly boring but in all honesty, it would be having my two children. Loving them selflessly and keeping them balanced, happy and flourishing in every moment is such a big job. Gosh, I am such a Mum!

The greatest personal challenge I have over come is…

Alex: Living a life that feels good to me, regardless of others opinions.

Franny: Giving myself permission to be happy and to succeed, even when those I love may not be making those same choices.

I don’t understand why…

Alex: People can be such assholes. Why?

Franny: Everybody doesn’t grow at least one thing – be it food or flowers.

My biggest fear is…

Alex: Playing it small. And then waking to realise that life slipped by me…

Franny: Missing out on the opportunity to watch my two beautiful children blossom.

I can’t live without…

Alex: Yoga. Or physical movement. Seriously, I turn into a crazy women if I am not practising good boundaries and making sure I dedicate to what keeps me balanced.

Franny: My husband, babies and two sisters.

I really wish I had…

Alex: Limitless time and funds. But after reading my sisters response, I agree with her too!

Franny: I am trying really hard to brainstorm right now but I just don’t have anything. I feel like anything that I wish for, I could make happen, with enough determination and persistence. There is always a way!

The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

Alex: Don’t take yourself so damn seriously. If you have an urge, or an intuitive nudge to do something – just do it.

Franny: Everything is a blessing, regardless of how heartbreaking it feels at the time.

If I had one super power, it would be….

Alex: To be the proud owner of a magic carpet. Then I can travel through time and space in a split second.

Franny: An ability to live without sleep. I would be so productive!


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