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Have you ever wondered what the life of a Life Coach & Strategist is like?  Well, meet the ever so talented Laura Carrocci, who specializes in personal development and high-performance coaching & is taking the coaching field by storm!!

Life Coach Laura Carrocci is the Founder and Managing Director of The Collective Organisation P/L and the creator of the Your Life Designed coaching program – a fantastic program which brings together the latest research on human potential and high-performance, teaching students how to achieve and maintain success long term. 

Sounds pretty amazing- right!!  Well, we thought so, and so do many of her amazing clients who she has positively impacted over the years.  Which is why we were dying to sit down with Laura and to hear more about what makes Laura tick!  

We hope you enjoy this weeks #Gurutowatch interview

The best part of my job is…

Seeing what my clients create for themselves and their families in their personal and professional lives. Seeing the confidence they gain and the amazing results they achieve. From starting a business, taking their business or career to the next level, weight loss, improved relationships – every single clients journey is different – what unites all of them is that after coaching they all have total confidence in their ability to create the life they desire, they have the tools and the ability to manage their mind and what they create always blows my mind. I love it!

I chose to enter this field of work because…

After 10 years of practicing law, I found myself in the throws of IVF treatment, overworking, over drinking, over exercising, over shopping, pushing myself to the brink of burn out. I was outwardly successful, very successful, but inwardly suffering. The birth of my first daughter triggered in me a change in values and priorities. I studied coaching and started working with corporates in the space of professional coaching for women, soon this grew into a thriving private practice of one-on-one coaching and today the Your Life Designed Coaching Program. The journey of discovering a way to have a thriving career and healthy personal life was one of hit and miss for me, once I discovered a formula that worked I had to share it with others, life coaching was the obvious choice.

The transition for me personally was easy, it made total sense. Externally I felt a lot of fear about what others would think and about the perceived ‘lesser’ career choice it was. How wrong I was! Of course, some people thought I was mad making the switch, but today I have more success on all measures in my own business, doing what I love, serving others in a way that I believe is my greatest contribution. Life coaching for me is the best way for me to contribute and create value in this world, it is one of the best decisions I ever made.

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

Managing my mind as my business has grown. Ultimately I believe for all of us, our biggest challenge in life, is learning to manage negative emotion. For me, that has been managing to overwhelm, stress and fear of not being able to achieve the results I most want in life. Learning how to manage what is ultimately fear has been the single biggest challenge and achievement so far, and it is a daily practice that I sometimes have to learn over again as my business grows and changes.

The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are….

That life coaching is for people who are ‘not coping’ and that as a life coach you cant make a good living. Every single one of my clients is high functioning people. They are high achievers who understand that their external growth and success is always a mirror of their internal growth and development. Typically people who engage a coach and invest considerable amounts of their time and money are committed to their own development and success and are high performers. They know that managing their mindset (which is what coaching is all about) is key to taking their life to the next level.

The most influential person in my career has been…

Wow, that’s hard. I can’t name just one. Here are the top 7;

++Pema Chodron

++Martha Beck

++Wayne Dyer

++Steven Pressfield

++Stephen Cope

++Brooke Castillo

++Frank Kern


If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

Stop. Pause. Breathe. Life is not a race.

If happiness isn’t here it isn’t anywhere.

Stop hating on your body, eat more, exercise less, you are good enough, there is nothing wrong with you my love.

My greatest achievement has been…

I have 2.

Starting and growing my business to what it is today, I am very proud of what I have achieved and the number of people I am able to serve and support today.

Raising my 2 daughters and continually wanting to see how I can grow as a parent in a way that best influences them.

The greatest personal challenge I have overcome is…

2 years of fertility treatment and the challenges that brought for both myself personally, my marriage and my relationships with others.

I don’t understand why…

People will spend hundreds of dollars on cars, clothes, wine and coffee and resist investing in their personal development and mental health. I also don’t understand why we spend so much time looking for ‘cures’ for diseases and so little on public health

I try to relax by…


My biggest fear is…

Looking back on my life and regretting not living a life true to who I am. I remind myself of this every time I worry about failure or what others will think.

I can’t live without…

I function best when I move my body outside and have time with my kids to connect every day

The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

I am the only problem I will ever have, and I am the solution. Thank you Bob Proctor.


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Laura Carrocci is a life strategist and wellbeing coach. Laura works with individuals helping them with all aspects of their wellbeing, from discovering strengths and purpose, gaining clarity, living mindfully, developing self-belief, pursuing passion, career transition, stress, time management, sleep and physical health and wellbeing.

Laura brings to coaching a deep understanding of stress management and interventions for wellbeing.