Importance of Taking Breaks When Working

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Yes, you’re right. We all need a break. You cannot expect yourself to go through a hard day's
work without taking any breaks at all! You are only human, and yes, your body needs it. We
need a breather – a refresher – to work better. There is a reason why that lunch break to finally
munch on that healthy snack delivery is mandatory.

Here’s why you shouldn’t skimp on taking your breaks (no matter how much of a hard worker
you think and say you are!).

They Are For Your Own Good

Simple and no further explanation needed. Breaks help you improve, help you think, and help
you be refreshed emotionally, physically, and even mentally. It keeps you from being drained in
the middle of the day and you still have quite a number of hours ahead of you. Facing your
screen for long periods of time can also strain your eyes – a short break, even for just 60 seconds,
does the trick of recovery.

It Is Good for Your Brain

A distraction, a new scenery, a breath of fresh air – these are all beneficial for your brain for it to
function properly. You are no superhuman. Your mind has a limit and you just cannot push it too
far. Remember how your university teacher would always tell you to take a 15-minute break for
every hour that you have been studying. Your brain can only take in so much information. It
needs rest, too.

It Is Good For Your Health

We all heard the saying that spending a whole day of just sitting down is as toxic for your health
as smoking cigarettes. Your body was made to move, and constricting movement for prolonged
periods of time isn't healthy. Imagine yourself stuck to your seat on a 14-hour flight. It can get
very uncomfortable. Experts advise taking breaks to stand up, stretch, move your fingers and
feet, and if you can – shake that body!

It Keeps You Updated Socially

No man is an island. And there is some truth to that saying. We are all meant to be social beings,
and even if we are so preoccupied and busy with work, we need to find time for our friends and
socialize. It is also the perfect time to create friendships with your coworkers. Also if we cannot
be with them physically, a simple 5-minute chat on Facebook or being updated on Instagram can surely uplift our mood throughout the day. And, perhaps, you may get yourself invited to an
after-work activity!

It Can Help You Make Good Decisions

Remember when you were so stressed and tired and you suddenly found yourself in a situation
where you made a terrible decision? Well, you cannot blame yourself entirely for that.
Our brain is made to function in such a way where it makes better choices when it is nurtured
and well rested. A meal break can curb that decisional fatigue. Also, all the pressure from having
to make decisions here and there can also mount and develop into more stress than you’ll ever

Take this case in point. A priest, or pastor, when he suddenly finds himself overwhelmed,
stressed, feeling confused about his ministry, he is advised to take a sabbatical. There is a good
reason for this. Pastors are often making crucial decisions, often seen as very positive and
inspiring people, with also hectic schedules – left with little room to relax and be themselves.
This can lead to depression and suicidal tendencies, not just for pastors, but even for all of us.
Being bombarded with decisions to make is never good for our well-being and psychological

It Builds Your Morale and Determination

Going back to the previous discussion, overworking ourselves can make us forget why we are
where we are in the first place. We can lose our drive and our motivation and even lose track of
our goal. The constant feeling of being overwhelmed and fatigue can lead to stress, depression,
and other mental difficulties.

Sometimes it can make us feel like we are just here to survive – to get through just another
workday. But no, that shouldn’t be the case. You are wanted and needed in your job by your
work buddies, your boss – everyone in the office system. You are not just there to only get a job

Hence, a good break is what you need to gain your energy back as well as your enthusiasm to do
your work.

It Increases Productivity and Mental Absorption

An overworked employee will never be able to absorb instructions entirely and correctly. When
you are overworked and tired, you will find that your mind is continuously wandering elsewhere,

you lose focus, and sometimes you do not even know what you are doing anymore or what you
have to do next. You will find that after that walk in the nearby neighborhood, or maybe a quick
shopping trip, or a brief stop at the cafeteria or the nearby Starbucks, you can start with and
complete your task faster and better.

So, do you still feel guilty about wanting to take a break? Are you still contemplating on taking
one because of the seemingly endless workload that is waiting for you to be done? Just go and
take one already! You need it; your body does, and so does your mind. Remember, though, a
break is only temporary! You do have to get back to work – your boss will thank you for that.

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