Your phone beeps. It’s your bestie. 50 emoticons later, you’ve lost your train of thought. Then you take one quick peek at your Instagram, next minute, you’re buried deep down the pretty coloured rabbit hole. Then there’s your forever-filled inbox. And the café at the bottom of your street that hands down, makes the best acai bowl you have ever tasted.

How can you stay focused and nix the distractions?

Peak performance strategist Tony Robbins talks at length at the power of focus. He says: “People who fail focus on what they will have to go through; people who succeed focus on what it will feel like at the end.”

This is absolutely key.

Time is emotion and emotion drives your focus.


Tony explains it this way: “We only focus on the things that give us the greatest pleasure or pain. That’s why poor time management can feel so stressful. It forces us to focus our attention on the areas that cause the most pain.”

You can train your mindset to help you stay productive and focused on what matters most to you. You may not be able to change the amount of time available to you, but you can always manage your time to get your best results!


Ditch the to-do list

Your to-do list keeps you focused only on what you need to get done, but it doesn’t guarantee progress. Your list keeps you busy (of course!), but it doesn’t necessarily give you satisfaction because you always feel like there is more to be accomplished.


Focus on the real result

You have to get crystal clear about what it is that you want. The clearer you are about what it is you want, the easier it is to achieve it, because then you can design all of your activities around making progress toward achieving it. Tony says to think of your brain like a heat-seeking missile. “Whatever the outcome may be, your brain can figure out how to get there and your behaviour will adjust accordingly.”


Find your purpose

Once you know what it is you really want (like, really, really, really want), you need to answer this question: why do you want to do it? This is your purpose. Without this, you lose your emotional drive and ultimately, your focus. Without this, you have more stress, which can cause you to give up when the inevitable challenges arise. But if you’ve got a strong enough reason and a strong enough purpose, you will find a way to make it happen.


Make an action plan (not a to-do list!)

Now that you have a clear and compelling purpose to drive you forward, you still need a plan to make it happen. Tony says you don’t have to accomplish every single action in order to achieve your result. “You’ll find that most often, a small number of actions make the biggest difference in your ability to achieve your result. This is the 80/20 rule — where 20% of what you do in life usually makes 80% of the difference.”

On that note, think of someone who is living an extraordinary life.

Why is their life so extraordinary? We’ll tell you why – they found a way to maximize their resources; their time, their physical energy, their health, the people they know, and the concepts they’ve learned. As Tony concludes, “They’ve learned to not only maximize what’s available to them, but they’ve also learned to maximize their level of enjoyment.”B-9

This is available to you too. You just need to focus!


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