Selling is a huge part of any business, but the sales process can also be one of the hardest parts to master.

As entrepreneurs we may be savvy with our blog copy and great at working with clients, but when it comes to selling, many of us tend to get shy, overwhelmed and confused.

We fear coming across as too pushy or ‘salesy’. We don’t want people to perceive us in a negative way, so we often let these blocks get in the way of authentically connecting with our audience.

As a marketing consultant I’ve noticed fear around selling is very common, so I want to help you open up these blockages and look at the sales process in a new, enlightened way. I want you to bring the soul back into selling!

I’m going to share three key steps that will help you approach selling in a new light so you can authentically engage with your audience in a way that feels natural and aligned to your business.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.05.50-PMSwitch your sales mindset

The first step in selling authentically and with soul is to look at your ideals about selling and money and switch your mindset. We can easily sabotage ourselves unconsciously by focusing on the negative ideals around selling and money we’ve learnt from a young age.

Your first priority should be to switch your mindset into a positive approach to selling. Start to look at the sales process as adding value to your audience. You’re there to share your service or message with them and to positively change their life in some way. Whether you’re a health coach or an accountant, the sales process is a way of sharing your value with the world.

I also want you to look at the word ‘selling’ in a different light. Rather than using the term ‘selling’, you are ‘sharing’ or ‘serving’ your message and value. When we switch our traditional ways of thinking about selling to this new authentic approach, it makes the entire process easier and more natural.


Be true to you and share your value

Have you ever used marketing copy or approached a sale in a way that felt unnatural or misaligned? Perhaps you were trying to copy someone else’s approach or you were following a method that seemed to work for others in your industry.

When we sell or market ourselves in a way that isn’t authentic, we know in our gut that something isn’t right.

The sales process should be your own and you don’t need to copy someone else’s way to be successful. The way you sell should be aligned to your values in business and it should feel authentic and natural to you.

How can you start to sell authentically? The best thing to do is start with foundational values and beliefs of your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the core values and beliefs of my business?
  • How can I represent these core values and beliefs in my marketing?
  • How can I find an audience that connects with these values and beliefs?

The next stage is to start sharing your message and be a genuine value giver in your industry. As simple as it sounds, this is where many entrepreneurs get stuck!

We tend to withhold our value because we haven’t yet acknowledged how important and powerful our message or service is to our audience. I want to help you knock down these blockages and realise your true value and potential.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the cost to my audience if I don’t share my message?
  • How am I making a positive change to my prospects’ lives?
  • Where can I give myself, and my business, more credit?

When you take a step back and look at how valuable you are to your audience, you’ll notice that selling becomes a beautiful, connected part of your business and you might even learn to love it!

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.06.06-PMBuild relationships and nurture your audience

Once you’ve made a positive mindset shift towards selling and you understand your value, it’s time to look at your approach to the sales process. Selling doesn’t have to be a rigid, pushy or inauthentic process. It can be compassionate, human and authentic in every way if you allow it to be.

The key to creating a compassionate and authentic sales process is to build genuine relationships with your audience and nurture them on their journey.

There are many ways to build relationships with your potential customers, but here are a few ways to get started:

  • Create valuable content on your website and social media channels that directly answers your audience’s questions, concerns and frustrations
  • Engage live on social media by answering questions and networking with potential clients in Facebook groups or forums
  • Focus on building your email list and creating a sales funnel that oozes authenticity and soul. Nurture your subscribers at every stage of the sales process by giving value and connecting on a human level. Show them you are real and you’re there to help!

When building relationships with your audience, it’s vital to understand this takes time and the focus should be on building long-term relationships, rather than a quick solution. When you start to connect one to one with your audience, you’ll be building a trust and loyalty with them. That is so valuable and special.

I encourage you to take action on these steps and start to switch the way you look at selling. It’s a huge part of your business. So take it one step at a time and always remember to come from a place of value giving and compassion.

You’ll be reaching more hearts in no time!


Has there been a time for you when selling or connecting with your audience felt inauthentic or misaligned? Share your experience with us in the comments!


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Jenna Black is a business and personal brand strategist. She works with quiet female entrepreneurs to help them build confidence, clarity and strategy into their business. Jenna believes in building a brand around your unique strengths, zone of genius, gifts and personality to create a business and life you are wildly in love with.