Fear is a gift and curse. A gift because it is a visceral reminder that you are human, alive and breathing, and a curse because when we give into our fears, our dreams take a back seat. Sometimes momentarily; sometimes forever.


Another one of fear’s many tricks is its ability to make you believe that you are not dealing with your challenges as well as everyone else. Fear is the instigator of comparisontitis and can rob you of much joy if you’re not aware and actively integrating practical strategies into your day to help you deal with fear.

To help you, we have collated our top tips to firstly remind you that EVERYONE experiences fear many times during their life, and secondly, to help you through the day-to-day butterflies and worries.


Celebrate the joy

When you find true joy, you will over power fear. Joy and passion feel stronger than fear, so joy wins, simple! It’s easier to ignore your fearful thoughts when you are in a joyful state.


Drop the comparison

Thoughts about what others feel will increase your fear. We know it’s hard but practice being uncomfortable and staying with it. Focus on doing your own thing and caring more about what you think about your dreams and ideas, than what others think.


Be the master of your thoughts

Get in the habit of replacing your fear thoughts with exciting and fun thoughts. Don’t forget fear cannot be erased completely, only managed and acknowledged.


Find a mentor

Watch them closely. Use their bravery as a justification to do your own thing, fearlessly.


Get motivated by fear

Fear creeps in when you are being brave and creating epic magic. Fear loves to scare you. Remember it’s normal to want to talk yourself out of executing something you deeply want. It’s normal to make a billion excuses why you shouldn’t do something. The secret is realising fear is tricking you and that you should go for it, regardless!


Dance with it

Literally or figuratively, dance with fear. Get to know fear and when it takes you over. Understand when it happens to you and why.


Embrace your quirks

Your aspirations are yours and yours only. Strange, weird, outrageously rebellious, whatever they may be, they’re all yours. Learn to embrace your quirks and what makes you magnificently unique.


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