My guitar teacher used to tell me, “when you let go of your guitar, it will let you go too.”

Spirituality works in a similar way.

I define spirituality as the process of making a loving choice — and continuing to do so.

Being a modern-day guru requires not only putting this definition to work, but also being courageous enough to share the nuggets of wisdom that arise from your spiritual practice, with the world.


If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’re a modern-day guru in turmoil.

You may know you’re here to serve a higher purpose — you’ve tasted the bliss of being in alignment with your Divine Self, and experienced the power your words and actions have when you are in this state of alignment.

Perhaps though, you’re trapped in a soul crushing, 9-to-5 job that prevents you from showing up fully. Maybe you were sucked into a routine of never-ending meetings, tedious tasks and people-pleasing, which dims your light and limits your creativity — preventing you from sharing your wisdom with the world.

I know how it feels.     

Having had to build my spiritual coaching practice while working a full-time job meant that I had to find ways of ‘keeping my guru on’, despite the circumstances. I knew I had to come up with practices that were quick enough to practice while being at work and simple enough to avoid getting weird looks.

Following are the top five practices I use daily to keep my guru on, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

These practices are simple, yet incredibly powerful in igniting your inner light — and they only take 30 seconds each, to practice.


Hand on heart meditation

Your heart is the centre of your being. It is where your spiritual and physical selves meet, melding their energies and coming to balance with each other.

By placing your hand on your heart and breathing, you bring intention and energy to this centre, reminding yourself that you’re not just an ego, you’re not just a machine meandering through life. You are a spiritual being expressing in physical form.


Show your teeth

It is a well-known fact that smiling, even when there’s nothing to smile about, tricks your brain into believing you’re happy.

Make a habit of smiling at yourself in the mirror every time you visit the ladies’ room. To add even more power to this practice, throw in some gratitude by giving yourself a compliment or even blowing yourself a kiss. You know you’re worth it!


Look to the sky

There’s something reassuring about the sky — and nature in general. However much destruction we inflict it with, nature always finds a way to maintain its balance and keep things moving.

The simple act of looking to the sky and witnessing the perfection of nature’s working inspires a sense of relief, interconnectedness and trust that no matter what, all will always work out.


Guru water

Water is a transmitter of energy. Your words, thoughts and feelings are expressions of energy. When you bring the two together, magic happens.

Every morning, before you get on with your day, take a glass of water, hold it close to your heart and fill it with gratitude. Thank it for nurturing your body, for flushing out toxins and for keeping you moving through the day.

When you’re done, take a sip knowing that you’ve just instilled in you the uplifting energy of gratitude.


Spin your head right ‘round

Slowly roll your head around three times clockwise and three times anti-clockwise.

Doing this has two benefits. Firstly, it takes your mind off whatever you’re working on, giving you an opportunity to breathe deeply, be peaceful, and return to your center.

Secondly, it promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, giving you an instant life-force boost. Together, these two benefits recalibrate both your physical and spiritual bodies, bringing them in alignment with each other.


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