Find your purpose, people say.

Easier said than done though when you’re not sure – or haven’t a clue – what your purpose may be!


You could probably rattle off a list of topics, activities or hobbies that interest you and you enjoy doing, and skills you have a talent for, but does that make them part of your purpose?

When you embark on the journey to discovering what your purpose is, it can be overwhelming. To help you, we’ve consulted the best – Brendan Burchard, Marie Forleo and Gabrielle Bernstein – to bring you these steps to unearthing your purpose, which surprisingly, has been there, apart of your life, all this time.


Be curious and look for the clues

Don’t miss the hints that are right in front of you every single day. So often we search high and low for ‘something’ grand and unexpectant, but what you should really be paying attention to, is what you do and have done previously, by choice. There are no coincidences.



Ask the right questions. Put them out there and be patient as the answers find you. What am I about? What do I stand for? What do I find meaningful in my life? What do I want to give to the world?


Acknowledge and embrace your uniqueness

There’s a unique aspect to your personality, your style, your intentions, your actions, your habits and your beliefs. Who you are and the way you think is unique from everybody else. Within your uniqueness lies more clues.


Be intentional

Brendan Burchard says: “We have a unique capability to direct ourselves to wherever we want to go. You can go against the grain or with the grain. We have the ability to direct our own will, our own mind, our aim, our attitude, our actions and with that ability to be self-directed, comes a tremendous amount of responsibility.”

So, how intentional are you being with your day today? How intentional are you being about this upcoming week? How intentional are you being about the next month or the next year?


Clarity comes from engagement, not thought

Stop thinking and start doing. Volunteer, take a class, get a job in that field, and find out if your inclinations are right. Does it feel right? Does it light you up?

Marie Forleo says: “Skills and strengths trump passion when it comes to doing deeply rewarding work that matters. When you employ your natural strengths as well as skills you’ve honed and mastered over time, satisfaction abounds.”


You can’t find your purpose. Your purpose will find you!

And finally, to turn the whole ‘purpose’ of this article on its head, you can’t find your purpose. Your purpose will find you (if you allow it!). Gabriella Bernstein advices to stay rooted in what makes you happy and inspired, and quit the pushing and controlling. This is when you will receive clear guidance. Trust that where you are, the experiences, people and connections you are making, are all part of your purpose.

If you’ve found your purpose, care to share some of your tips? We’d love to hear from you. Jump in the comments below.

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