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Think of successful people in your life. Maybe it’s your sister who runs a thriving business while raising three young rug rats, or your grandma who is traveling the country by caravan or your friend who heads a charitable organisation that is making big wins for the world. Or maybe your mind takes you to big names like Oprah, the Dalai Lama or Richard Branson.


Your definition of ‘success’ will be different to the next person based on your values. We wanted to know what sets the super successful apart from those that are challenged by success. You may be surprised to find that with a few lifestyle changes and greater awareness of your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, you’ll be hustling with the A Team before you know it!



Make decisions from the gut

Successful people are expert decision makers. Without fuss, they trust their gut and call the shots. They also empower their colleagues to reach a strategic conclusion or outcome, and give them the reigns to do it themselves.  Their focus is making decisions that sustain progress.  They don’t waste their time on issues that disrupt momentum.


Communicate with value

Have you noticed that most successful people are great communicators? Super successful people are driven by their values and communicate with their values in mind. In the workplace, super successful ensure that his or her vision is communicated clearly in a way that everyone can understand.


Challenge people to think and grow

The most successful of people can identify their colleague’s, but also their friend’s and family member’s strengths and areas for improvement. They are able to use this insight to challenge their people to think and grow outside of their comfort zone. Successful people excel in keeping people on their toes!

Lead by example

Not all successful people are consistent at this one. The super successful are a rare bunch though! They practice what they preach and are mindful of their actions. Their example serves as a source of inspiration to others and they are committed to being the best version of themselves as often as humanly possible!


Reward your accomplishments!

Successful people don’t hesitate to reward themselves for their achievements. They carve out time to reflect and celebrate their wins, which they have worked hard to accomplish. They are also grateful for the opportunities, people and circumstances which supported and leveraged their success along the way.


Look at the big picture

And, super successful are always looking at the big picture. They know where they are going and don’t get bogged down by the day-to-day details because they are certain of what they are here to make happen.

Are you ready to be a super success too?


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