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I’ve just been traveling through the states for the last few weeks and luckily for me I’ve travelled before. So I am always prepared. I take my own, real food with me when I travel. Not just for when I’m on the plane but also for when I am in airports & waiting in transit. 

This last trip I was lucky enough to fly First Class from Australia to the USA, so the food was pretty amazing; but I did enough internal flying in the US to appreciate how bad the on board snacks can be, even when you are in business class, followed by the not so amazing selection of airport food. 

I actually couldn’t find one natural ingredient in any of the bars I was given on board a flight across the states, and that scares me a little. To think that all these people are snacking on these ‘foods’. I was also surprised to learn that most of the sauces in restaurants still contain awful ingredients, like HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It’s scary, so here I am with some tips for you to travel healthy!

Here are three helpful & healthy solutions whilst traveling.



In the air:

A lot of people are often shocked when I tell them I travel with my own food; as most people aren’t aware they are able to do this due to customs law. But this is actually only a concern when you land at the other location. All fruits and vegetables, meats and other perishables need to be disposed of on-board.

You can select your preferences when you fly long haul. So if you are intolerant to certain foods you can put in special requests and in most cases I will order vegetarian meals. 

On the ground:

It’s also hard when you are traveling to know exactly what goes in your food when you order out. Gluten along with vegetable oils are highly inflammatory and are some of the not so nice ingredients you’ll meet often in restaurants. I realize that sometimes when you are traveling you can’t avoid eating out but I always find a local grocer or Whole Foods to stock up on good quality food for breakfasts and healthy snacks on the go. 

When you do choose to eat out, try and opt for one of the better options on the menu. 

I will often order very simple. So I ask for grilled fish, or grilled chicken dish with a side of steamed vegetables or prepared in olive oil. Anything which is crumbed or glazed or is drowned in a heavy sauce will more often than not be loaded in sugar so I would steer clear of anything like that.

Be clear about what you need, ask the right questions of the wait staff to avoid confusion or frustration when your food arrives to the table. Most restaurants these days will accommodate food sensitivities and special requests, so don’t just go off what’s on the menu. 

Emergency kit of delicious:

You wouldn’t forget your toothbrush so don’t forget to add a few items to your list and be prepared. 

Here’s an example of what I pack:

  • A small pack of unsalted nuts, I usually choose almonds
  • An apple
  • A small bag of cut carrots 
  • A protein bar or 2 (with clean ingredients)
  • I make my own bliss balls and take them too
  • A can of sardines or tuna
  • A few complete vegan protein powder sachets



I know when I travel I tend to not consume enough water, because you are on the go so much, not sure where toilets are or simply because you are up in the air flying. Become conscious of what you are drinking too – fill your bottle up with filtered water where you can. Even public water supplies can contain unwanted toxins and parasites. Unfortunately with international flights, your liquid limit is 100mls, so you aren’t allowed to bring with you a big bottle of water, so I always purchase one on the other side of the gate, or I will carry my own empty bottle to refill where I can. 

Be aware that alcoholic beverages, coffees and teas can be quite dehydrating and cause a number of other concerns for some. So choose to keep this at a minimum or just wait until you arrive to your destination. 



My obvious go to would be my daily nutritional support, JP+ and for those who follow along on social media know they are my go to and that I would not travel without them. They provide me with almost 30 different varieties of fruits, veggies and berries in one shot, and when you aren’t sure how well you can eat or the quality of the foods you’ll be coming across these are truly my saviors. 

They help with digestion and gut health too, this can be a big one when traveling, especially to foreign countries where you are unsure of the food quality or origin. Please feel free to contact me if you would like some more info on purchasing them. Try pure Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid powder, and Chlorella for immunity & detoxing.  

The good news is –

Our decision to choose better quality foods and become more health conscious is contagious, we are seeing menus changing and adapting. There are more and more organic & real food options available to us, and restaurants everywhere are now offering much healthier options!


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Rebecca Neale is a Accredited IIN Health & Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Life Coach- also a creative foodie and a passionate writer.
She has been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years. Her elite coaching skills has seen her reach not only Australian but international clients as well.
She is a whole foods advocate who strongly believes that good health and wellbeing begins with what happens within you on a deeper level - nutrition and a beautiful mindset.