Heart + Head

Your head strongly insists on taking the job. Running the marathon. Leaving the relationship.

But your heart… well, your vehemently disagrees.

Have you been tied up in the limbo of your head and heart?

Paralysed by indecision because you don’t know what’s right?




The heart whispers but when it does, the message is loud and clear. But then your head steps in and stomps your heart talk with logic, predictable and maybe lucrative outcomes, and before you know it, you’re a hot mess because you’re more confused.

You even actually start to wish you weren’t presented with the choice or opportunity. You start to think life would be a whole lot easier if the options were limited.


So how do you choose? Head or heart?

We’ve turned to some of our own gurus to shed light on this popular topic and hope it helps you decide:




Gabrielle Bernstein

“No matter how deeply we meditate or how intently we pray, we can still feel disconnected from our inner guidance system. Often our logical mind gets in the way of our clear intuition. Certain situations can make us crazy with all the back and forth. Overanalysing makes things worse because it cuts off your connection to inspiration and intuition. Trying to force an answer can be very frustrating too. When you pressure yourself into a decision, it’s likely you’ll regret it later. Obsessing over a choice can become a major stressor. The ideal way to make decisions is from a place of intuition and power.”

Gabrielle says when in this state of uncertainty, don’t run around to your family and friends asking for their advice (a big no, no in her books). Knuckle down, take a seat, close your eyes and ask your inner guidance system to show you the way.

Be patient and be open.

The answer will arrive.



Danielle La Porte

“Sometimes I’ll pray to know the answer to something by the end of the day. I’ll say: ‘Life! Show me the way by Midnight PST!’ This is a pretty unreliable method, actually. Usually I get my answers when I’m more chill about it all. The less frantic you are about “knowing,” the more space you leave for the answers to slip into your consciousness. Admittedly, this is hard to do. But if you concentrate on relaxing into the present, you will be rewarded with some peace of mind. NOTE: Gratitude is an astoundingly reliable and immediate way of being in the present.”

Danielle’s advice? Take care of yourself! Sleep, movement, space for not-doingness.

Then you will be able to hear and see which way to go.

You can’t be tuned in to your heart and body if you are static with fatigue and stress!




Tony Robbins

“We rely on our mind for everything — every thought, decision, opinion or idea you can conjure up is thought to come from the mind. But did you know your mind can’t always be trusted? Living inside your head is dangerous. This is where your saboteurs are triggered, and that is when your internal enemies come to light, habitual mind patterns creep in and negative self-talk takes over.”

Tony suggests identifying how you are sabotaging yourself as the first step to conquering the voices in your head because you cannot change anything that you are not aware of.

He then suggests learning to be present, or live in the moment. It is here where the inner voices go silent. Wriggle your ties in the sand, take three deep, mindful breaths, clothes your eyes and take a seat.

When you are here, you are operating from your heart, which is called the sage — then you are following your infinite wisdom, rather than your mind.

So tell us, who will you listen to? Your head or your heart?




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