Handling negative people

Is there a certain person in your life that makes you feel flat, depleted and uninspired each time you catch up?

Is there someone who leaves you feeling robbed of your time and positive energy, and even a little toxic after your encounter?

It’s ok to admit it if so – even if they’re an old friend, your boss or a family member.

Toxic environments and relationships will leave you feeling less than your best. Whether it be because of the gossip, the negative talk or the intense pressure you might feel to help them pick up the pieces.

We all have been in situations where naysayers drain the positive out of your day.

Here are our suggestions for dealing with the negative in your life:

Be aware of how you feel in their company

Start to really notice how you feel in the company of negative people in your life. Become aware of how your thoughts, feelings and energy shifts when you are around them, as well as afterwards. When you become aware of how you don’t want to feel, you are in the best place to create how you actually want to feel going forward.

Be selective with your time and energy

You have the right to choose who you spend your time and energy with. Sometimes however, the choice isn’t so easy, especially when the negative person is someone in your family, your circle of friends or at your workplace. You can choose not to participate in the negative conversation. You can choose to conserve your energy (because negativity expends!), to not get involved in the conflict and to walk away, politely.

You know what they say… If you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing at all!

The same goes here… If the negative person has nothing nice to say, then walk away.

Channel positivity in the face of negativity

“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” – Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Redirect your thoughts past the negative. You can do this by choosing to think positively each time a negative person enters your little world. Whether that’s having a fall back quote or mantra you repeat in your head, or a song that instantly uplifts your spirits that you can play after your negative encounter or a happy-go-lucky friend you can call upon for an afternoon beach walk who will instantly, just by being them, shake of the negative residue.

Tap into what makes you feel good and replace the negativity with the good stuff.

Tell them the truth

This one is especially hard, but might be necessary for both you and the person zapping you of your happy mojo. Tread carefully, choose your words mindfully and as kindly as possible, tell the person that their negativity is affecting you and that you will be spending less time in their company if the conversation doesn’t uplift you.

Tricky but maybe essential.

Tell us how you have dealt with negative people in your life. Have these suggestions helped in the past?

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