There’s no denying it: the success of most businesses will largely depend on having outstanding staff who live and breathe your brand.

This means the key to hiring staff is finding the most passionate, proactive people who understand and respect your vision.

Many industries rely predominately on customer service or having an audience, so if you want your customers to get used to seeing a familiar face and to feel welcome every time they come into your studio, business or onto your blog, you need to ensure that you develop a dream team.


Here’s how you do it:


Get them compelled by your vision

Has a small and unappealing goal ever got you out of bed?

Well, don’t think that you are any different to your staff.

The truth is that people want to follow an inspirational leader and they want to feel part of something exciting. Something that matters.

Don’t be afraid to involve your staff in your goals, as it makes them feel included. Reward them for good work and allow them to share some of their ideas for the business. Getting staff involved in the decision-making is a great way to keep the business progressing as well as keep staff happy and connected to your brand.


Provide each team member a detailed role description

Your team members need to know what is required of them and where they fit into the picture. It helps if you highlight to them exactly how their role contributes to solving the bigger puzzle.

Team goals are great for encouraging synergy and for identifying the future leaders in your company.


Find your genius and delegate or eliminate the rest

What is the one role you do each week that you do better than anyone else? Does that role contribute to a massive win for your business?

In business, the key is to identify this task and develop it until you become an expert in that field. Everything else should be delegated or eliminated to ensure you have quality time working on your genius role.


Stress management

Running around stressed, shouting at people or putting your problems onto your staff is a recipe for chaos. Unless you want your staff to pick up similar energy to you, make sure you work on your stress management skills so you can become a deliberate leader who is proactive rather than reactive.

Consider adding Yoga and meditation in your weekly routine as this will help you maintain a positive outlook so you can offer the best version of yourself each day.


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Steve Grant is an expert in business coaching for gym owners with 18 years of fitness industry experience including 4 years as a Health and Wellness Lecturer at ACPE and 8 years as the owner of one of Sydney’s most profitable fitness studios.