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As women, we constantly strive to improve ourselves in many areas of our lives. This is often evident in our impeccable time management skills, which allow us to multitask: getting up in the morning, squeezing in a kids’ school run, going to the gym, making lunch, putting on a bag of washing, picking out a great outfit for work, and then actually getting to the office.

Or perhaps it’s our health we want to improve. We ladies are always interested in learning more about the latest healthy craze that promises to shed those extra pounds, keep us healthy and full of energy—all in only 2 weeks! Or maybe it’s to become more organised, so that we can fit everything into our lives with a little more ease…

With soooo much to do in our day-to-day lives, it can all become quite a challenge. An overwhelming task to get everything done. By the evening, we can end up doing a lot of well-intentioned planning and then run out of time to actually do all the things we want to do. Sound familiar…?

Well, it all stops here!! Over the next 6 days, The Daily Guru is going to share our guide on…


‘How to Stop Flustering and Start Flourishing’

Each day we will give you meaningful examples of small changes you can make to your daily routine. So that you can start flourishing. Our easy steps are backed up by the work of Martin Seligman, who is an expert in Positive Psychology. Martin believes that the emotion of happiness can be too fleeting to invest our entire energy in. Instead, he suggests that if we aspire to ‘flourish’, we will build something that will last longer and evidently it will be more enjoyable. So, that is exactly the plan that we have designed for you.


Your Six-Day Action Plan

According to Seligman, there are five key elements to ‘Flourishing’. These are: positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment. Which are all built into this plan. Follow our daily step-by-step program and prepare to be amazed!

Flourish at Home

Since we all know that the outer world affects our inner world, there is no better place to start our flourishing journey than at home sweet home. The first step is to create an environment fit to house all the possibilities coming your way. With a clean, clear and de-cluttered home space, you will save yourself time by knowing exactly where everything is.

It also restores your mental energy and can be very uplifting…sweeping all those old cobwebs away and leaving room for what matters. And here is how to get started…


De-clutter each day

Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to tidying away all clutter. By keeping your living space clear of clutter, you will also keep your emotional space clear. It’s a good idea to schedule 15-20 minutes a week to deal with all household paperwork, too. Once it’s dealt with, file it away and in 15 minutes you have avoided having those annoying tasks hanging over your head for a week. Make sure you take this seriously. You need to mark the time in your diary each week and stick to it. The emotional freedom that these little changes can make to your emotional wellbeing is surprising!


Make the most of the space you spend the most time in

Once you have your home or office space clean and de-cluttered, put some time into making sure it feels comfortable and welcoming. Make sure your space reflects whatever vibes best suit your personality. Personally, having a fresh bunch of flowers on my desk gives me the lift I need to start each day with a smile and a clear mind. So, what suits your style and space best?


The Power of Colour

Recent research shows that colour has an amazing effect on our mood. We are now encouraged to decorate the different rooms in our houses in colours that bring out the best mood for that room. For example, yellow is supposed to increase metabolism and therefore is a great colour for the kitchen or dining room, while lavender is supposed to create feelings of calm and serenity and therefore the lounge, bathroom or bedroom are ideal spaces for a splash of lavender. So with this in mind it is important to be aware of what colours you are surrounding yourself with and the effects that they have on your moods.


Make sure you get started straight away with these three great steps, as tomorrow we’ll have some more flourishing tips, which will focus on how to Generate More Energy!

If you are enjoying and benefiting from this rare but necessary focus on this self – then we would love to invite you to take part in our Self Series. Click the link below to learn more about this new collective!





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