Find Inner Yogi

Focus your Drishti, align to your Dharma, feel into your Hara.

Most of our conversations around personal development and growth soon enough circle back to yoga and it makes sense, really. Yoga is the practice of self-study and discovery – one that has existed in India within ancient scriptures, vedas and legends since time immemorial – which allows us today, just like it did all that time ago, to get intimately familiar with who we are both on and off the mat.




And for many, yoga has become a language in itself; a household name; a way of life.

As much as it may appear to be a physical movement (Instagram photos of pretzel shaped bodies and toes almost reaching the sky would have you in full agreement), the philosophy of yoga runs a whole lot deeper than what these miraculous bodies of ours could ever demonstrate.

But where do you start when there are so many different yoga styles? And how do you know which one is the best fit for you?


We have created you a mini go-to yoga dictionary to help you find the right yoga style for you in this moment (which may be very different in a couple of months time!) but before you Samskara your way in (far too tempting, sorry!), here are our top tips for finding the type or types of yoga best matched for you:

  • Define your goals: Take some time to think about why you want to practice yoga. Is it to improve your strength, flexibility or balance? Is it to enhance the way you breathe and realign your posture? Or perhaps you’re looking to calm your mind and harness your concentration. Or has the meditative and spiritual qualities piqued your interest? (It’s ok too if it’s a bit of all of the above!)
  • Consider your physical limits: Your body is unique with a history to tell. Make sure your teacher is made aware of any injuries, limitations or conditions so they can advise on alternative postures and provide aides for your personalised practice.
  • Listen to your body: You know your body holds an infinite amount of wisdom so do as yoga teaches you and listen to the signs and signals of your body. You’ll know soon enough if your cells are singing or howling.
  • Try lots of different classes and teachers: You won’t know until you try. Roll out your mat and give the class a go. See how it feels on a physical and emotional level. The same goes for the teacher. Try different teachers and see whose style, energy and voice you connect with most.
  • Ask questions: Prior to or at the end of your practice, find a moment with your teacher to ask your burning questions.


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