It happens to the best of us. In fact, it can happen all the time.

You’re trying to solve a difficult problem or issue and you get stuck.

You may be trying to figure out your next step or your next move, then you get stuck.

You can be figuring out important decisions in your life, and then, you get stuck.

You rack your brain for an answer. You tried to ask around for help.

You just can’t figure out how you can get unstuck and it can get frustrating.


Quit wasting your time searching for the magic solutions. Here are 3 steps that you can do to get unstuck from any situation:

Ask yourself what you want to achieve next.

Baseball legend Yogi Berra said: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” You have to begin with an end in mind. When you’re stuck, you need to remind yourself of where you’re going. In this way, you’ll know in which direction you’ll need to go. A lot of times, we’re being pulled in so many different directions. We need to get our priorities straight in order to exert all our focus and energy into one direction.  If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want out of the next stage in your life, then come up with a list of possibilities and eliminate them one by one, until you’ve narrowed it down to the best options.

When you’re stuck, sometimes you just want to get unstuck and to get somewhere, anywhere. There’s a world of opportunities out there. You’ve got to rule out the options that won’t get you where you want to go.

Figure out what’s in your way

Why won’t your current situation get you to where you want to go? Why is your current circumstance causing you to get stuck? Evaluate where you are at and identify the missing link. You may be missing some skills, capabilities, or relationships. You may be doing something that you should stop doing. Do a little gap analysis. Take a long look in the mirror. Be honest with yourself and identify what’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

When you’ve figured this out, check to see if you’ve set the bar too high or too low for yourself. Are your goals achievable given what you have right now? Are your expectations within reason? Don’t be afraid to bridge the gap between step 1 and step 2.

Plan what you need to do and do it

A lot of people may know where they want to go and they may figure out what the missing link is. However, they fall short when it comes to actioning on what they need to do. It’s not an easy part. Well, if you think about it, nothing worth achieving ever comes easily. It will require you to work hard and to really commit.

Have the discipline to get un-stuck. The duration of time you find yourself stuck is only as long as you allow it to be. If you’re not committed and determined, then you can expect to be stuck for an even longer period of time. Stick with it, no matter what. The people who are most successful are the ones who were able to stick with their action plan.

Rather than to get stuck in your situation, stick with your plan.

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