Feeling lost? How to find your way out!

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Are you feeling like you’re at a stage in your life where you’re not where you thought you’d be? Maybe you’re reflecting on others thinking they seem to have it all and you’re not even close?? Or maybe you’re just feeling a little feeling lost?

You might have a million things on your mind right now from basic decisions to life-changing choices.  If this is you- the most important thing to realise right now is  that you need to gain a clear your mind, in order to be able to find and achieve what you want from your life.

When you’re literally lost, what do you do? You look for landmarks. You figure out where you want to go and then you find your way there. In the same way, if you’re feeling lost in life, find a point of focus. It may not be where you really want to go, but you need to get out of being lost so that ultimately, you can figure out where it is you want to go. Here are a few tips we can give to help you get out of feeling lost:

Find your purpose

When you’re lost, it’s usually because you’ve lost your sense of purpose. At the end of the day, no matter what you have in your life or what you’ve achieved, your external wealth and achievements will have no significance if your internal state is in disarray or void of ambitions. If you feel like you have no purpose that drives you, your circumstances will seem purposeless. So, how do you find your purpose?

Throw yourself out there. Get out of your comfort zone. It may seem uncomfortable and uneasy, but place yourself in a position of a beginner. If you think you know it all, then it’ll be hard to find something you know nothing about. Do something else. Do anything else. Do anything that’s the opposite of what you’re doing right now. Try out something new.

Be grateful

There are times wherein everything seems unclear. We feel like we’re in the dark, stumbling to find our way. It might be a dead end job, a horrible relationship, or health issues. Everything looks bleak. What do you need to do in times like these? Be grateful. That’s right.

When you’re at your lowest point, the only way to go is up. The darkest hour is the one before the sun rises up. In this stage of your life, you should be grateful because a breakthrough is sure to come. So, start being thankful.

Pay attention to your true self.

You might not be used to listening to your inner voice, but it’s always there. It starts with a whisper. It feels like a nagging feeling. As you begin to pay attention to your true self, your life will start to look strange and uncertain. This might not be the path that society has set for you. You may be defying a few expectations. However, let your inner self guide you. Your life may resemble a series of odd decisions. However, during this time, you’re not lost, you’re just finding yourself.

Write a love letter to yourself.

In this hard time, what will your future self tell your present self? Consider writing a love story to yourself from the future. Take some time to give yourself the same love, care, and acceptance that you would give to your loved one, perhaps your own child. Once you do this, you’ll be able to give yourself a break and gently guide yourself to where you want to be.

Set a game plan

What are the things you can do to clear your mind? Write down at least 10 things you can do to become less anxious, restless or worried. Once you’ve made this list, choose the top 3 and do this. Keep this list to remedy the days when you really feel lost. Here are some examples:

  • Meditate
  • Avoid negative people or situations
  • Find a positive outlet
  • Open up to a friend
  • Ask for comfort from a mentor
  • Imagine yourself accomplishing your goals in life
  • Organize your finances and live within this budget
  • Go to a retreat.
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