How to Feel Beautiful Again – Inside & Outside

The way we view ourselves can be complex and ever-changing; one day, you might feel beautiful, intelligent, and popular; the next day, you might feel as though no one loves you, even when they do. It can be difficult to achieve your goals while dealing with this fluctuating self-image.

Why do some people seem to think the very best about themselves, while others focus only on self-critical thoughts? What are the factors that impact how we feel about ourselves?

  • Self-image is learnt, just like anything else. Things that happen in early childhood, and the way family and friends act, can leave a lasting effect on a person. We tend to view our experiences as an amalgamation of how people “should” be, and this often changes how we judge ourselves.
  • Obsessing about physical appearance might damage your self-worth. Everyone looks different, even in subtle ways. Without expensive clothing, makeup, accessories, and a confident facade, even supermodels are people — just like you, and that is perfectly fine.
  • New experiences sometimes lead to self-doubt, and make people feel unsure of themselves. Someone with high self-esteem might handle a new situation better than someone with little confidence. This can have a spiraling effect, as low self-esteem might cause people to avoid challenges, and they in turn risk missing out on beneficial life experiences.
  • If someone you admire, such as a friend or parent, expresses doubt over your abilities, does it cause you to doubt yourself? Human beings typically want approval from others; it is part of our psyche.
  • Part of the human brain is dedicated to negative thoughts; this is the part that can make you unsure of how people think of you. It acts as a social gauge, telling you if you are upsetting others. This is an important tool for humans, but it can lead to complex feelings of low self-worth.
  • Social media is often viewed in a negative way, especially when we talk about feeling beautiful and valuable. Regular exposure to the “ideal” lives of friends and acquaintances might make us seem unimportant in comparison. It helps to realize that others use social media to share the best parts of their lives; it is not an accurate indication of how others live. They might not be trying to make you feel bad, but they want to share their joy with the world.

There are lots of things that can make you feel attractive — and they are not all pharmaceutical remedies or plastic surgery.

Here are 5 key steps to start feeling beautiful again (inside and out):
Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.10-PM    Beauty Starts with How You Feel

It seems simple, but to appear beautiful on the outside, it helps to feel beautiful on the inside. This can affect how you carry yourself, and the vibe that others gather from you. Have you ever wondered why others seems to adore certain people? Maybe they just give off that special something that draws people in, and we can all do the same.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.20-PMA Healthy Body Is Important

Makeup and fashionable clothing can only do so much; have you ever noticed someone who just seems to glow, even without makeup? They might be taking good care of their body, and treating it with respect. It might help to avoid foods and drinks that contains toxins and chemicals. If you can, drink plenty of water; it might improve your overall health, and it can maintain your skin’s elasticity. Our bodies are special, and they will appreciate being treated well.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.26-PMTreasure Your Morning Routine

Hopefully you are getting enough sleep each night, and you can find at least a few minutes for a special morning routine. It does not have to be complicated; try something simple, like lighting a scented candle while you eat breakfast, or listening to your favourite song as you dress. These little routines can help us to feel ready for the day.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.32-PMExercise is Beneficial

Many people find that working out helps them to feel good, both on the inside and outside. The brain releases chemicals during exercise that can make you feel euphoric and happy. If you do not have time for a fitness routine, just walking a little each day can help, or even taking the stair instead of the lift.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.47-PMSharing a Smile

This seems like a cliche, but it really can help. When you feel low, and life seems like an ordeal — try smiling. It can be difficult to smile when we feel down, and that is okay. Even if you manage a tiny smirk, it might yield positive results. Smiling, even a little, might be an easy way to feel attractive, on the inside and outside.


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