There are thousands of peeps out there sharing authentic content on social media that educates, motivates and uplifts.

Movers and shakers who strike a chord with us on a daily basis with posts on everything from real food, self love, mindful movement, intuitive living and behind-the-scenes snapshots of getting creative and doing biz.

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Here at The Daily Guru, we thrive on having so much inspiration at our fingertips — especially when it comes to all things wellness, personal growth and professional development.

Today we thought we’d share the 10 Instagram accounts we’ve been crushing this month — and we’d just love if you could add your own favourites to the list in the comments below!


We were thrilled to have this Healthy Cook, Author and Personal Trainer as our #GuruToWatch earlier this month, so of course we’re continuing to drool over his almost-daily Paleo-inspired food pics!



If awe-inspiring travel, sweet stationery and beautiful brush lettering really get your heart a-racin’, then pop over and follow wild heart and sun chaser, Emma Kate, on her round-the-world adventures. Emma weaves artistic intention and a deep love of connection into all her posts, leaving you with a good dose of creative inspiration — and itchy feet.



Business Chicks Australia, founded by Emma Isaacs, is a movement of passionate people who believe that when women come together, great things happen. So, of course we look forward to our daily scroll through this feed!

Follow along to keep your finger on the pulse of all upcoming Business Chicks events, fill yourself up on hard-hitting quotes and other empowering tid-bits that will make you want to bounce out of bed each morning and go get ‘em.



A few years ago, Liss Connell decided to quite full time work, simplify her life and live in a cute, 55-year-old caravan. Now, she’s living a slow, nomadic lifestyle and travelling “not to get somewhere or tick places off a list, but rather to make the journey itself the travelling experience.”

Wanderlust at its finest.



Ezzie Spencer is a former lawyer, who now lives by and guides other women through what she calls ‘Lunar Abundance’ in order to become prosperous, in touch with spirit and connected to their soul.

Head over to her Instagram account where she’ll take you on a beautiful, eye-opening journey through the cycles of the moon and help you understand the rhythm of your own life, business and body.



He has sat in the hot seat alongside Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein on Super Soul Sunday, so of course, if Oprah loves Mastin Kipp — so do we. Mastin created The Daily Love  — a website, daily email and Twitter account —10 years ago, and is still to this day continuing to challenge our limiting beliefs and all the ‘BS’ stories that hold us back and help connect us to what makes us happy. If you aren’t already getting your dose of Daily Love, you should be!



This colourful Instagram feed is a mouth-watering spin-off of the long-standing and outrageously popular vegetarian food blog, Green Kitchen Stories.

Here, David and Luise celebrate natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit and vegetables and share delicious behind-the-scenes peeks into their family kitchen and world-wide travels. 



This one’s yet another daily dose of yum — curated by health, food and fitness blogger Sally O’Neil. This month The Fit Foodie has really brought the essence of Summer to our kitchen with her endless supply of cool salad and smoothie bowl recipes (and a few healthy desserts thrown in for good luck).



Entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs (or should we say, gonna-be entrepreneurs) — this one’s for you.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been painstakingly developing your idea for months and years, the inspiring souls behind business incubator, magazine, online course and mentoring program — StartUp Creative — deliver daily nudges to keep you hustlin’ hard to turn your passion into a career.



Emmily Banks is an eco beauty advocate and organic makeup artist who is in-the-know when it comes to all things non-toxic beauty and health. If you’re looking to detox your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet and turn your beauty routine au naturel (or in other words, ditch the nasties) this beautiful page will set you in the right direction.


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