There are thousands of peeps out there sharing authentic content on social media that educates, motivates and uplifts.

Movers and shakers who strike a chord with us on a daily basis with posts on everything from real food, self love, mindful movement, intuitive living and behind-the-scenes snapshots of getting creative and doing biz.

Here at The Daily Guru, we thrive on having so much inspiration at our fingertips — especially when it comes to all things wellness, personal growth and professional development.

Today we thought we’d share the 10 Instagram accounts we’ve been crushing on so far this year — and we’d just love if you could add your own favourites to the list in the comments below!


The brainchild of Jaclyn Carlson, Blog Society is a global community, platform and resource for bloggers and creative business owners to connect, collaborate and share.

If you need to keep your finger on the pulse of all things blogging, biz and creativity, then save your self a seat right here and start scrolling down for endless news, tips, information and ideas.



If you weren’t already aware, Yoga, Health and Happiness are three of our favourite things here at The Daily Guru, which is why this Instagram feed has us weak at the knees every single day.

The Yoga213 account is an extension of the Richmond-based hip hop yoga studio, apparel shop and blog and is dedicated to bright, energetic, whole health-inspired posts with an eye-catching focus on nutrition and, of course, the very best of yoga.



It’s the home of the original round towel and makers of luxe, seaside essentials — and there’s just something so captivating about the way this sister-led biz shares its journey.

From glimpses of its beautiful products in-situ to behind-the-scenes peeks into The Beach People brand and lifestyle, this visually-pleasing page will having you dreamin’ of throwing a ‘roundie’ over your shoulder and soaking up sandy, sun-drenched days — pronto.



Two sisters — a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer — join forces here to share all good things to do with food and movement. From totally do-able workouts to delish meals and snacks, their personalised hashtag — #healthyisawayoflife —says it all.



Spiritual Teacher, Author and Intuitive Guide Rebecca Campbell featured as one of our Gurus To Watch last year — and we still can’t get enough of this light worker.

Get yourself acquainted with Rebecca, who has guided thousands of women to listen to the callings of their soul, work their light and create a life that is completely aligned to them. You’ll also want to use her Instagram account to stay on top of her latest tours and events — including Rise Sister Rise, where she’ll be teaming up on stage in Sydney and Melbourne with our other favourite Modern Mystic, Belinda Davidson.




If you’re like us, there’s no such thing as too much good food inspiration in your feed.

Jacqueline Alwill, of The Brown Paper Bag Nutrition, is a nutritionist, health writer and wholefood cater who delivers daily eye candy to your phone in the form of beautiful meals and recipes that not only look damn good — but taste that way too. Hint: Try her Citrus Coconut Tart. Yum.


This feed is so much more than a profile of the many people that inhabit New York City. It’s an interview series with humanity, which effectively asks (and answers) the question: what does it mean to be human?

HONY is a collection of quotes, short stories and stunning portraits that offer a daily glimpse into the lives of the strangers Brandon Stanton meets on his travels around The Big Apple — and the world. More recently, he’s been sharing the incredibly touching stories of Syrian refugees cleared for American resettlement.



Alice Nicholls’ feed will resonate with you if you’re a woman on a mission to feel well and empowered and in search of authentic information that will help you achieve it.

And as a bonus, not only does the Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach and Life Coach specialise in the topics of women, food and society-induced body image negativity, she also lends her experience and expertise on how to ‘Blog To Profit’ — by offering up content related to creating and maintaining a blog, running it as a business, generating traffic, marketing, creativity, curating and monetising your online home.



Personal growth enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the making: here’s the man for you.

This ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ provides some brilliant food-for-thought on hustlin’, “training your mind to be bigger than your excuses,” and rising up, showing up and not giving up.

Get on it.Ten10


One thing we love about this gorgeous jewellery label is that it’s so much more than its sacred pieces crafted with silver, gold and semiprecious stones — it’s a mindful biz built upon The Power of Intention and a desire to creative positive change.

But what we really love about the two sisters behind Violet Gray, Alex and Frances, is the community they’ve built online and in person, which unites beautiful women all over the globe and celebrates “the collective feminine strength and capability.”

Join their Instagram tribe and follow along to feast your eyes not only on their beautiful, energetic products, but for daily reminders on how to honour your desires and manifest all that you intend to bring into your one beautiful life.


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