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The Daily Guru and Ama La Vida have teamed up to bring your goals even closer within reach!

This exciting new partnership with Ama La Vida provides a concrete path for our DG tribe to take inspiration & ideas to the next level. Through our partnership, you can now gain the professional support you need to turn these ideas into a reality.  Ama La Vida provides highly sought after and affordable Coaching services, around the globe.

Therefore, if you have been working on your Personal Growth with the support & inspiration of The Daily Guru, we now want to help you accelerate this process with the help & support of the Ama La Vida Coaching team.

Whats in it for you?

Oh, so, so much!! Through this exciting new partnership, you, our DG Tribe, will receive;

 – A complimentary coaching session, with an Ama La Vida Certified Coach

– Access to new and exciting Personal Development tools, such as the brand new Life Assessment Survey!

– Access to Personal Development Experts around the USA

– Invitations to Growth & Development events & workshops

– And soooo much more…



About Ama La Vida

Founded by three exceptional ladies, Nicole Wood, Foram Seth & Katie Bennett.

Ama La Vida is an innovative leadership and career coaching company. They believe that there doesn’t need to be a tradeoff between success and happiness and that with the right tools, coaching and accountability, everyone can find meaning and purpose in their work. ALV help people stop dreading the alarm clock and start making an impact.

Ama La Vida is transforming the industry, making coaching more results-oriented, process-driven, scalable and flexible. They supplement one-on-one coaching sessions with our proprietary eCoaching technology to achieve an unprecedented level of convenience and affordability. They also provide rich data and insights to ensure coaching isn’t just about being inspired by sessions but creating lasting change to help move you and your organization forward.

Clients they LOVE to support & partner with include:

– Individuals who feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with specific areas of their life, are wanting change and need support in this process

– Go-getters who like what they’re doing and want a catalyst to achieve their goals

– Individuals who are looking to find and land a job that will bring them success and fulfillment

– Organizations who are looking to invest in their high potential employees to offer scalable coaching

– Organizations dedicated to providing equal opportunity to women

– Purpose-driven organizations who want to help their employees realize their impact and feel fulfilled in the work they do



No matter how happy or accomplished we are, we all have areas of our life which could use some focus & improvement. Think about your health, for instance. Are you feeling really happy with your current health & fitness – feeling energetic and full of vitality? If so, congrats- that’s amazing! But now move on to another area: personal wealth. Are you on the right track to achieve financial freedom? What about your career? Does your job feel like a job – something you go to every day to earn income, or is it more of a mission, something you would do even if you weren’t paid for it?

The Life Assessment Survey is a great tool to quickly discover the area of your life which is currently being neglected, underperforming and causing the most dissatisfaction. It is a quick and easy way to take a look at each facet of your life, and rate its relative quality level, so you can uncover which areas need more attention than others.

As part of our amazing new partnership with Ama La Vida, we are able to share this very simple &  effective Life Assessment Survey – for YOU!

Take the survey to get started on your journey to the extraordinary life you desire – and deserve.  Click below!

To dive into all the articles & resources created by Ama La Vida,  click below!

To access your Complimentary Coaching session, simply scroll down the page to our DG Consultation Calendar and select a time which suits you best!

The DG Coaching Calendar

Redeem your free Coaching session by scheduling a session in the below calendar.


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