So you just completed a sale and have a new customer. Congrats! First, take a moment and celebrate (fist pump, pat on the back or bust a groove… whatever your style). The next step is to WOW your new customer from the get go. One of the ways you can do this with style and an air of pro is to gift your new customer with a Welcome Pack. Designed in line with your brand, here you communicate what you’re about and how your biz works.

But where to start?

Here are 10 ideas to build a well-rounded Welcome Pack:


Welcome Pack Prep

Let’s actually go back a step and start with the contract. I highly suggest you use some sort of online program for your contracts and signatures. I use HoneyBook, which seamlessly creates contracts and accepts payments in the same place. Other options include HelloSign or Echosign. Whatever option you go with, by allowing your client to sign their contracts electronically will start the process the right way – with ease and professionalism. I know I hate having to print a document out to sign it by hand and then have to go through the process of scanning it in, finding the scanned file in my documents and then emailing it back to someone. It is the little things that make your client experience stand out from the rest!



Before we get into the pack, let’s chat for a minute on the packaging. Packaging is just as important as what is inside! Think about how you feel when you go to open a beautifully wrapped present. It makes you feel elated and excited as you anticipate the treasures inside. Now imagine I handed you a grocery bag filled with stuff and told you it was a gift. I bet you would put a smile on your face, but you would really be thinking how odd it is that I ‘wrapped’ it in a plastic bag and you may just expect to find something used. Ha!

Don’t let your Welcome Pack fall victim to unthoughtful and unattractive packaging. Make sure each element of your packaging blends well with your brand to get your client excited about their delivery from the start!


Copy of the Contract

If you take my advice from above about electronic signatures, be sure to include a finalised copy of the contract once all signatures have been completed. My payment schedule is also laid out in the contract so my clients can see it on paper and schedule their payments into their calendars. I know it seems silly to take this step if you have an electronic contract process, but when it comes to big transactions, many people like to have the contract in paper form to review when needed.


Thank You Card

I strongly urge you to include a hand written thank you note. It will make the package feel personable and valuable. Don’t underestimate the power of a thank you. Make sure they know how grateful you are for their business and how excited you are to work with them.


Pre-Addressed and Stamped Envelopes

If you prefer to be paid via check, include pre-addressed envelopes with postage for your clients to easily send payments when stipulated by the contract. It goes back to making the process as easy as possible for your client. Not having to scour through old emails for your address will certainly make sending you money owed much more pleasant on their end!


Social Connect Card

If you want them to follow you across your social mediums, ask them! Give them a card that lists all of the ways they can connect with you and get in touch when they need to.


Office Policies Document

This is super important… for your sanity! If you don’t have office policies, stop what you are doing and go make some. Some important information to include in this document are:

Your contact information (including your address if you want them to send payment via check)

How to make out their checks to you

Office Hours – So they aren’t calling you at 10pm!

Meeting Rules – Specify how much advanced notice you require to schedule meetings and cancel meetings so you can plan accordingly. Also touch on where you will be holding meetings!

Communication – Include any confidentiality policies here and establish open communication to ensure you can do your job well.


Preferred Vendors Card

This is specific to wedding industry folk, but if you work with other professionals as a part of your service, I would suggest you include a card that lists your favourite and most trusted providers. This isn’t just a list of everyone you know who offers a service. This list is the cream of the crop and professionals you know will come through every single time. Your client will look to you for insight on who is the best in both quality and trust so don’t blow it with a referral you aren’t 1000% sure will do the job well.


Unique Gift

When we were planning weddings, we created a custom paper planner to-do list insert for their wedding binder that covers everything we feel is important to focus on for the 12+ months leading up to the big wedding day and a few key tasks to do once the day is over. We also took this custom to-do list and implemented it into our private project management client portal. We made sure to make it fun as well as extremely intentional to our planning process.

For other ideas, I would say it depends on your specific industry, but a few that come to mind are: A wardrobe building guide for photo sessions for the photographer, a furniture arranging guide for an interior designer, a mad lib tailored to your specific service, or an art print that they can hang on their wall. Make it something that makes them feel excited and ready to get started with you!


Extra – A little flair!

Top off your pack with a little extra flair like confetti to make it even more fun to open up!

There are tons of options and ideas that you could include in your Welcome Pack that are specific to your industry, but hopefully this guide will help you craft a memorable a client experience from the very start!

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Megan Martin is the Owner and Creative Director of Megan Martin Creative, a full service design firm specializing in powerful branding for creative entrepreneurs, social media management, and prop styling for stunning brand imagery. We believe in intentional branding that speaks to the heart of your business mission and ideal client so you can confidently make the sale with authenticity.