Being congruent in business brings many benefits, being able to say exactly what you mean, and do exactly what you say, the essence of congruency, makes a business environment more efficient and less prone to misunderstanding. There are many benefits for the individual who displays congruence in business, beyond the overall effects:

  • Job Satisfaction – This can be heightened by being congruent, making the working day a pleasure is not only a personal benefit but such satisfaction is proven to increase productivity, whilst it also includes less stress for you and those around you.
  • Loyalty – In tandem with job satisfaction to an extent, being congruous with your work makes it far more likely you will stay in that company or keep going with your own business, whichever applies. This kind of commitment helps a group of people bond and this also offers increased productivity within an organization.

As we can see the benefits are clear, with a more cohesive and productive organization that will offer a more dynamic and successful business, whatever the field it operates in. However, remaining congruent at all times is not easy, you can easily let self-doubt creep in, particularly when tired, and this can lead to other issues and soon your congruent self is finding things very difficult indeed. This can have a significant effect on those around you as well, but there are measures you can take to remedy this should it occur, or even to keep on top of things before you get into this situation at all.

Vision boards are incredibly valuable because the mind responds strongly to visual stimulus, and using one daily can make sure that your congruent state never fails you at all. A vision board is a tangible visual representation of your roadmap, the things you value and want to achieve. By representing these goals and plans in visual form, you strengthen the emotional connection to them and your minds focus and connection with them, this enables you to retain your congruent ideal and retain focus.

The other aspect that is commonly used to help with retaining your congruent focus is audio books, or more commonly today digital files. Audio books can also help retain focus, especially with headphones, as your mind can absorb the words and content even if you think you are not paying full attention, digital audio books are particularly convenient and easy to use in today’s world where so many of us carry a suitable device for playing them continuously with our smart phones.

There are great reasons for focusing on congruence in business, and whilst retaining congruence continually presents challenges, you can use the tools mentioned here to keep things on track.

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