You know what they say — “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.”

So, when it comes to growing your biz and taking it to great heights — especially when you’re flying solo —plugging yourself into relevant community and entrepreneur or biz peer groups is where it’s at.

You see, sussing out relevant networking events and peer groups in your local area and online— is a powerful way to put yourself out there and in the way of opportunities for partnerships, exposure, customers and clients. You should also take advantage of the power of online networking, too. Contribute to industry discussion forums, interact with your online tribe, and get chatty in social media and blog comments sections.

Industry associations, masterminds, Facebook and other social media groups, courses, seminars, workshops, coaching circles and networking events —are full of opportunities to expedite your biz baby’s expansion and avoid mistakes and pitfalls that can stunt its growth.

Getting active in your biz community is also a potent way to brainstorm, share experiences, guide and be guided, stay accountable to your goals and vet your brilliant and not-so-brilliant ideas.

Here are some of the ways these intentional relationships can make you more productive, creative, knowledgeable and purposeful than you could ever be on your own:


Biz land can be a lonely place

“Hello? Is anyone out there?”

Whether you’re in the start up phase, well established as a small business owner or planted behind a screen for hours on end, the silence in running a biz by yourself can be deafening.

Being a solopreneur may leave you feeling like you have no one to chat with, bounce ideas off or vent to.

But if you’re putting yourself out there, making connections, networking and socialising with like-minded peeps, you’ll never actually feel alone.


You’ll acquire more knowledge

If you’re rubbing shoulders with those ‘in the know’, meaning, those who are either right there in the trenches with you or have been there and done that before you, you’ll have access to key biz insights, resources, best practices and experience.

Even better, you’ll be tapping in to the kind of expertise and advice you might otherwise pay business coaches, mentors and advisors hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars for.



Whether you’re trying to break through the fear barrier, stuck in negative self-talk, suffering analysis paralysis or feeling plain lost, a biz circle will always throw you a lifeline.

Sometimes, a little validation and support is all you need to keep going and push past each business pain barrier.



Finding an accountability partner — someone who will regularly challenge, motivate, mentor, encourage and inspire you — will help you to accept responsibility for your biz and honour your goals. Plus, knowing that you are expected to report your progress is enough to keep you from procrastinating on your to-do list!


You can share your own gifts

It’s not just about what you get — it’s also about what you can give. You can gratefully exchange the learning, encouragement and accountability you gain by bringing to the table your own unique skills, experience and wisdom.

What are some of the communities and peer groups you rely on as a solopreneur? Share with us in the comments below!

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