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If you feel completely zapped of good vibes from time to time, whether it’s in your home, work place, relationships — or you — there’s a good chance you’re in need of an energetic ‘cleanse’.

Because, just like our physical bodies and homes need to be scrubbed free of sweat, dust, dirt and grime on the regular, so too do we need to rid ourselves — and our surroundings — of bad juju.

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Residual energy, whether it’s positive or negative, attaches itself to our homes, workspaces, finances, love life and bodies and manifests itself in anything from sleepless nights to toxic relationships, money blocks, health problems and a lack of creative flow.

It feels like exhaustion, instability, anxiety or a heavy sense of stagnation and suffocation.

So, when you’re feeling a little…off, chances are you’ve accumulated more negative energy than you can handle and simply need to conduct a ‘cleanse’ to dissolve, transform and release it.

Here are some rituals and activities you can practice to clear negative energy in order to feel more organised, happier, vibrant — and lighter.

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Cultivate more positivity

When it comes to energy, like attracts like.  Which means, if you’re riding a cloud of bad energy, chances are you’ll continue to attract the wrong people, wrong situations and wrong feelings.

So, it goes without saying that if you want more of the good stuff, you gotta raise your own energetic vibration.

Become aware of your own energy shifts throughout the day and notice if and when you’re perpetuating the negative vibes.

Take responsibility for elevating your own mood. Watch your internal language.

Do what makes you feel good and practice plenty of self-care.




Many herbs — whether they’re in the form of fresh plants, dried leaves or essential oils — have protective powers against negativity. Basil, peppermint, rosemary and sage are popular when it comes to absorbing or dissipating unwanted energy.

Smudging — or burning — dried sage is a simple cleansing ritual that can be used around a person or living space.



Feng Shui

When it comes to the home or work space, energy will accumulate and stagnate until you create space, remove physical blocks and get rid of the clutter.

Harmonising your environment through Feng Shui, which is essentially the Chinese art of placement, is believed to allow Qi, or positive life force, to flow in a way that optimises good health, creativity, harmony between people, prosperity and good luck.

Away from Feng Shui, the simple act of cleaning and decluttering a living space is a therapeutic act in itself and can immediately have an impact on the energy of a room or home.

If you need a little inspiration when it comes to simplifying, organising and storing your belongings, read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s written by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo, whose popular method is rooted in determining which items in your home ‘spark joy’ and those which don’t.


Release toxic relationships

If you’re repeatedly experiencing conversations and other interactions with certain people that leave you feeling drained, it might be time to reconsider which souls you should be holding close to you.

It’s been said we are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with, so when our lovers, family members or close friends ooze bad vibes, we tend to emulate that behaviour or at least allow it to affect us energetically.

Create some boundaries between you and the energy-suckers, downers and drama queens and walk away from the really damaging, toxic, bad-to-the-bone relationships in your life.


Get out in nature

Sometimes the grounding, cleansing effect of Mother Nature is all you need to shake off the bad energy and ‘purify’ yourself. Dive in the ocean, dig your toes into the earth or lift your face towards the sun.

Breathe deeply. Smell the air. Recharge your spirit.


Energy balancing

Acupuncture. Reiki. Kinesiology. EFT.

Chakras. Meridians. Auras.

There are plenty of modalities, techniques and focal points when it comes to energy therapy, but in essence, they all strive to unblock, uncover or balance the energy fields in and around us and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanism.




Stones, gems and crystals. They all have metaphysical properties — many of which can protect us by absorbing, deflecting or zapping negative energy on and around us.

Do your own research and let your intuition guide you to the right crystal for you, but as a start, some of our favourite protective stones to place around us include amethyst, amber, obsidian, quartz and black tourmaline.

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What do you do to shake off negative energy? Share some of your favourite rituals or practices with us in the comments below! While your here, why not enter your email address for your own printable negative energy checklist!


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