As you know, here at The Daily Guru we’re all about shining a big, bright light on the brilliant gurus, thought leaders and game changers from the personal growth, biz and wellbeing spaces. You know, those sought-after yogis, entrepreneurs, health professionals, coaches, authors and spiritual mentors that are showing us the way when it comes to living and feeling our very best.

While we’re at it, we’ve decided to move the spotlight once a month onto some of our favourite charities and not-for-profit organisations that are also empowering women around the world with the support, rights and resources they need to remain resilient — and grow — in the face of troubling times.

This is our opportunity to use our wonderful platform to raise awareness about many important causes and encourage you, The Daily Guru tribe, to reach out, connect and show your support for the organisations that resonate with you.


Global Sisters

This month we introduce you to Global Sisters, which recognises that every woman is a sister.

Global Sisters exists to provide women around the world with skills necessary to be able to enter mainstream employment, along with providing them with alternatives to be able to become financially independent.

With an alarming 1.5 million women in Australia suggested to be living with financial exclusion, it was obvious that something needed to change. For this reason – CEO and Founder, Mandy Richards went about building an exceptional team and developing the non-for-profit organisation. 


Since its launch in 2014, the team has developed business education, micro-loans and retail programs. Alongside this, they provide business-coaching programs, which allow women from all walks of life the opportunity to gain access to the tools and support necessary to harness their very own business idea – from start to finish.

The development of the ‘Sister School’ program allows women who find themselves trapped by their circumstance to start to dream and act for a different future. From this, Global Sisters has seen many different women become community leaders, inspiring others from across the globe to get involved.

Global Sisters has recently launched their own online shop, supported by the Myer Stores Community Fund, which has been developed to invest in the future of each Sister involved by allowing her the opportunity to sell her work to the public. 


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