As you know, here at The Daily Guru we’re all about shining a big, bright light on the brilliant gurus, thought leaders and game changers from the personal growth, biz and wellbeing spaces. You know, those sought-after yogis, entrepreneurs, health professionals, coaches, authors and spiritual mentors that are showing us the way when it comes to living and feeling our very best.

While we’re at it, we’ve decided to move the spotlight once a month onto some of our favourite charities and not-for-profit organisations that are also empowering women around the world with the support, rights and resources they need to remain resilient — and grow — in the face of troubling times.

This is our opportunity to use our wonderful platform to raise awareness about many important causes and encourage you, The Daily Guru tribe, to reach out, connect and show your support for the organisations that resonate with you.


This September, we’re introducing you to the New South Wales government’s I Can Help campaign.

The conflicts occurring in Syria and Iraq have resulted in one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time — and there is a way for you to get involved in helping the non-government organisations, community groups and charities that are working to support and assist the 12,000 refugees fleeing the humanitarian crisis.


Opportunities exist for all the NSW community to volunteer their time, skills or experience to help welcome refugees to NSW.  Whether it’s via community connections (such as involving your local library, sporting club or community centre in a welcome session or social excursion); friendship and support; offering transport; an orientation around your town; English conversation; providing translation and interpretation assistance; help with preparing for study or employment or providing education or employment opportunities — big or small, your contribution can help make a difference to the lives of refugees living in our community.

You can register your interest in helping, here.


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