Having worked with hundreds of Businesses, Brands and Personal Brands over the years through my Business Coaching Practice and previous life in Corporate Marketing, I’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to branding. To make it simple, the primary aim of a branding strategy is to connect with your audience in an authentic and meaningful manner.

Although branding has evolved with changes in consumer behavior over recent years, this aim still sits at the core of any branding plan. In today’s society, the traditional approach to advertising has long gone.

Advertising to reach out

& sell is in the past.

Today, branding to engage modern consumers involves storytelling and quite often in Small Businesses, means building a highly personalized brand.  Consumers are not only willing, but also want to build a personal relationship with the products & services they purchase and are extremely interested in the person connected with the brand (whether it’s Business Owner or Brand Ambassador).Personal Branding helps create rapport and build trust, yet many Business Owners fear it, mainly because they mistake Personal Branding for Self-Promotion. To clarify, Personal branding is simply revealing the unique characteristics of your business to your consumers via storytelling. When done well (and correctly), this is done in an honest, authentic and genuine manner and as a result consumers recognize and appreciate this.

When placing the focus of your personal branding on your passion for your business, then educate and engage with them along the way, consumers do not mistake this as self-praise. Showing the motivating factors behind your business and messaging ensures your consumers can pinpoint the key values your business holds. This will in-turn, allow connect them with your overall message.

A successful Personal Brand highlights exactly what the business stands for and becomes a voice communicating a key message. 

Below are 4 further considerations which are beneficial to keep in mind during the process of creating your Personal Brand!

Existing online presence

Even if you’re following is small, the fact that you have an online presence is still credible.  The ultimate goal of Social Media Marketing is to connect you with your audience, resulting in engagement, sales, leads and enquiries. 

A personal website can be a great additional medium for your business to capture your brand and enhance the overall impression your consumers have of your business. Websites are such a simple yet effective Marketing tool to showcase your expertise and showcase you in your Industry. Websites are especially effective for people with personal brands as it helps communicate a clear and unified picture of your brand. NOTE: stand alone Personal Brand Websites are not always necessary – it depends on your business and also your personal objectives. 

 Purpose of your content

All messaging and communication put out to the world needs to have a purpose. Whether it’s a Podcast episode, Blog post or Youtube video, it all needs to relate to the core message of your business. 

No matter the platform you’re posting on, your communication should bind to the overall image and vision for your business, which then represents your business as a whole. This is the reason consistency is so key to successful Personal Branding. There must be a clear and defined aesthetic so consumers can recognize you regardless of whether they are interacting with you on Facebook, Instagram, Website or in person.

 Unique content 

Understand how your content will be different from others within your niche. Although you may have a similar product or service to another business, it’s the core values that sit at the heart of your business which truly make your business different from the others.  

Do this by writing blog posts, which are meaningful, creating motivational captions for your Instagram posts and sharing a consistent message through your Podcasts. Through creating an authentic and meaningful message in your own way, you’ll naturally become unique. Be careful not to copy others brands or messages as inevitably it doesn’t work. 


Storytelling is the best way to create an emotional connection between your audience and your business. People love a story, good or bad. We connect with the emotionality that flows out of following someone’s journey. It builds empathy and fosters a deeper sense of understanding. There are so many ways to tell your story and the process you have taken to build your business and communicate your messages. These days, this is best done via Stories (Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat or YouTube). 

Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading Business Coaches, specializing in helping health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle businesses grow their brand and profile. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and over six years of Private Business Coaching clients with her company relauncher.com.au, Alison truly knows how to create successful businesses and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Make sure to check her on instagram too!

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