Happy New Year!

Since you’re a part of the amazing, driven, Daily Guru tribe, we know there’s a good chance you’ll be spending the coming weeks mapping out your big and beautiful vision for 2016.

So will we! You see, just like you, we have so many exciting plans on the horizon here at The Daily Guru — wild dreams and big bold plans will continue to take shape this year, for sure.

But amidst the eager intention-setting, it’s so incredibly important to look back on the year that was and acknowledge (and celebrate!) the highest of highs, the lessons learns, the goals kicked, the boxes ticked, the growth and the expansion.

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Who or what inspired you in 2015? What made you proud?

What was your greatest achievement? Your biggest lesson?

In which areas of your life did you really grow?

What inspired action did you take towards that big ol’ dream of yours?

Where did you feel in alignment? Where did you feel out of alignment? 

What had you feelin’ all blissed out?

We’re going to kick things off today with our own sweet reflection on the highlights of the past 12 months here at The Daily Guru — and then we’re going to ask you to do the same.

Let’s get started!

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Self Love Series

We kicked off The Daily Guru Self Love Series in Sydney, held over five weeks in March and April. Each event was hosted by some amazing Gurus, who each helped us tackle the topic of self love and self worth from a different perspective. Debbie Spellman helped us detox our mind; Tabitha McIntosh showed us how to honour the temple that is our body; Connie Chapman revealed how we can surrender, be vulnerable and move forward; Tom Cronin taught us how to master the mind through meditation and Juliet Allen encouraged us to reconnect with our feminine and sexy selves.

And you loved it.

That’s why we decided to then share the love with our Melbourne tribe the following month!

And since this beautiful series of workshops, devoted to sharing the vital secrets and tools for knowing your self worth, honouring who you truly are and striving forward in a life that is intentional and fulfilling, was so well-received by our tribe, we’ve decided to bring it back in 2016! Stay tuned!


TALKS by The Daily Guru

As part of our second signature event, in a gorgeous, intimate setting, you were able to listen, learn and connect through meaningful conversation with some of our favourite Gurus — not to mention other like-minded members of the DG tribe. We held two successful TALKS events, and we can’t wait to return with them again, for each month of 2016! 


This much-loved interview series gave us the very special opportunity each month to get up close and personal with some of the biggest names in the personal growth and wellness industry.

Our Gurus were so open and candid, allowing The Daily Guru a special insight into their work, their personal lives and what drives them. We had some really special peeps in the hot seat, including Lisa Messenger, Rebecca Campbell, Scott Gooding, Tom Cronin, Corona Brady and Charlie De Haas. This year, we’ll actually be putting our Gurus in front of the camera — and we can’t wait to share who we’ve got up our sleeve for you in 2016!


Industry events

Of course, the very essence of The Daily Guru is about supporting and shining a light on the personal growth and wellbeing industry. Not only do we help to promote all of the goings on — the courses, the workshops, the seminars and conventions — we love to join in too!

Team DG attended plenty of industry events this year to connect and expand and grow our knowledge — both personally and professionally. From 9 To Thrive, Utopia and beyond, we took away some potent nuggets of wisdom.


Birthday celebrations

Hip, hip hooray — we turned one in June!  There was definitely cake and a glass of bubbles, to celebrate.

The baby that was The Daily Guru soared as soon as she was launched into the Universe by our Founder + Editor Bec Caines in mid-2014, all thanks to our beautifully curious tribe who supported us and helped us to flourish so quickly.


Growing our community

Speaking of our gorgeous tribe, did you know there’s currently tens of thousands of you? More than 30,000 people have been reading and sharing our content every single day, whether it’s on The Daily Guru website, by joining the conversation on our social media pages, or letting us drop into your inbox each morning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Expanding our team

Our community isn’t the only thing that has grown around these parts — Team DG has rapidly expanded this year, too! In the past 12 months we’ve brought on board some extra womanpower — and top-notch creative talent — to ensure the content we curate and deliver to you remains fresh and fabulous, every single day.

If you missed it, we properly introduced Bec, Robyn, Jenna and Pilar to you on Social Media earlier this week (and shared their 2016 intentions) — we know you’ll love Team DG as much as we do!


Our daily content

 Beyond our signature DG live events, the final highlight of our year was the hundreds of inspiring reads we shared and the conversations we kick-started with you  every single day via our online publication. If you do the maths, you’ll realise we’ve delivered (with love) a gorgeous mix of around 365 articles, interviews, social media posts, newsletters, eBooks, checklists and planners this year. Many were written or created by Team DG, and plenty more by some outstanding contributors — each piece carefully dedicated to personal growth and wellbeing topics that have moved, uplifted, educated, inspired and really stirred something deep inside of you.


So that was the year in review for The Daily Guru. Now it’s your turn! We want to hear about the highlights of your year and celebrate them with us! Share your successes with us in the comments below!


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