I’m not much of a fan of exercising. In fact, I quite often hate it.

What I do love however, is exercising my vagina — or to be more specific — my pelvic floor muscles. Why?

Because it allows me to have epic sex and incredible orgasms.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles with a simple exercise practice, will transform your sensitivity to sexual stimulation. It will supercharge your orgasmic potential and help you to achieve intense, out of this world pleasure (hello, multiple orgasms!)


But wait, there’s more.

A strong pelvic floor stimulates the production of oestrogen, helps reduce PMS, menstrual irregularities, symptoms of menopause and balances hormones! It also helps with pre/post childbirth, sexual healing, trauma and reduces stress.

Think you only need to pay attention to your pelvic floor after a certain age and birthing nine children?

Think again! Every woman needs to get on board the pelvic floor train today!

Sacred sex practitioners already had this nut cracked and were avidly exercising their pelvic floor muscles for thousands of years with jade eggs, before we modern gals caught wind of their amazing benefits!

Not only did they understand that a strong pelvic floor was essential to our health and reversing things like incontinence, but they knew that when they pumped those little suckers, they were bringing more blood and sexual energy to the pelvic area resulting in dramatically increased sexual pleasure, creativity and vitality.

So where do these miracle makers (aka pelvic floor muscles) reside?

Your pelvic floor muscles — sometimes referred to affectionately as your ‘love muscles’ — are the muscular sling at the bottom of your pelvis, which support all your sexual and reproductive organs.

Basically, they keep your insides from falling out. They also happen to be the powerhouse of your sexual pleasure. Like a sexy trampoline, they bounce your sexual energy (or sensation) wherever you want it to go, allowing you to experience your sexual pleasure not only in your vagina, but your entire body as well!

I’m talking full-bodied orgasms.

But that’s not all! Our lady parts are so graciously supplied with bundles and bundles of nerve endings, which transmit sensations and also trigger movement.

Two of the major players are the Pudendal nerve, which hangs out in the clitoris and pelvic floor muscles; and the Pelvic Nerve, which can be found with handy little pleasure transmitters in the vagina, cervix, uterus and the deeper layers of the pelvic floor muscles.

But herein lies the problem: if we don’t activate these powerful little critters, they go numb. They go on strike. Play dead. Don’t use it, ya lose it!

So in order to ignite our full sexual potential, we need to wake up and energise these bad boys!


How do we work them out?

By using very specific and targeted exercises.

Or, my favourite (and most efficient way) is with a jade egg.

A jade egg is quite literally a piece of jade stone shaped like an egg that is inserted into your vagina to do what I like to call “eggs-ercises”.

What’s really cool about practicing with the jade egg and doing the eggs-ercises is that you’re tapping into a part of yourself that you may never have known existed. Not only certain muscles, but energy, aliveness and pleasure you didn’t know you were capable of.

Having the jade egg inside your vaginal canal also makes it easier to feel and exercise your pelvic floor. It also adds resistance, meaning you’ll tone and sensitise more quickly. 

Side note: Every single woman I have introduced to the jade egg has reported an increase in vaginal sensation. Every. Single. Woman. More sensation leads to more pleasure, which then turns into a greater orgasm! These women have also reported more natural lubrication, greater interest in sex and a feeling of deeper, more embodied self love.


Pelvic Pleasure Pumps

Below is a little taster practice to get you squeezing right away!

Do the Pelvic Pleasure Pumps daily and in a week I bet you’ll feel a difference. Want to maximise the benefits? Get a jade egg ASAP!

Pelvic pleasure pumps cultivate sexual energy, boost sexual stimulation, increase sexual pleasure, and intensify orgasms.

And that’s just the beginning.


Here we go:

A Pelvic Pleasure Pump (PPP) is very similar to what you may know as a ‘Kegel’ exercise.

However, a PPP is a lot deeper and more inclusive than the ordinary Kegel.

Right now, try contracting the muscle at the bottom of your pelvis between the anus and the genitals. This is the same muscle you would contract if you were to stop urinating mid–stream. Now deepen that contraction and pull upwards. Hold for the count of 10. When you release, exhale fully and open and relax your entire sexual region. As though you’re yawning from your vagina. Relax. Then do it again. Contract, Squeeze, Hold, Count to 10, Relax, Release. Exhale Fully.

Repeat the cycle 10 times.

If you can’t hold for 10 seconds, no problem. Just hold for as long as you can! This is a practice and you’ll get stronger.BK13

Want to take things even further?

Read more about the jade egg, plus tools and techniques to  improve your sexual wellbeing inside my free eBook The Jade Egg – Ancient secrets every sexy woman needs to know. You can instantly get your hands on it here.

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