Regular Bowel movements are one of the biggest parts of my beauty regime…. Oh, and coconut oil.

I have to admit; I do get more excited than the average person about doing a number two. I always commend myself when it comes out looking like a beautifully shaped banana. I am like, ‘High five sister! Perfect water intake, great digestion, amazing absorption and breakdown of all of that nutritious food and fabulous job chewing, so proud of you!’

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I like to use my outside as a little reflection of what might be occurring on my insides. If my hair feels shiny, my skin is clear and my lips aren’t chapped, I am a happy girl.

When these little warning signs start faltering I look at my week or my days, and take areas into consideration. For example, maybe my cycle is due, or my stress levels weren’t as well managed that particular week as I would have liked. I may have been a little more social and eaten out, consuming richer foods than my body was used to. My sleep could have been affected, and that crazy day rushing from one place to another could have seen me forgetting to drink enough water. Most of all though, did I do a number two?


You see, our beautiful little systems are always working to aid us in processing and excreting those harmful icky toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. These toxins can be in the air from things like traffic pollution and cigarette smoke, be in our food (if most of it is refined or packaged), or be in our homes and the beauty products we place on our skin.

Our body really is such a miraculous machine, always on our side, trying to make us feel the best that we possibly can. It is so important that we back our little buddy up and help him or her by doing our part to feel as well as we possibly can – looking super sparkly in the process.

It is my belief that when we aren’t excreting our toxic load effectively, for example through the bowels, our body is going to attempt to find other ways to excrete these yucky substances. Often one of the places we see this happening is through the skin.

The toxins that build up in our bodies need an exit point; the skin is a super easy back up option for our little buddy when it hasn’t happened in the bathroom.


The great news though is that there are ways that we can help our body out. We can re-direct it to excrete these toxins effectively, allowing us to feel and look amazing!

So what are some ways to aid us in feeling and looking beautiful? Lets get those bowels moving!


Stay Calm

Stress makes us feel yucky, depletes us of our energy and vibrancy, and has a major effect on our sleep and bowel movements. When my stress levels are elevated I can always guarantee the first area effected is my digestive system. Following on from this, my bowel movements either become too frequent or not frequent enough. This can leave me feeling tired, bloated, irritable, cranky and prone to break outs, poor sleep and yelling at my steering wheel in traffic.

The next time you feel yourself drowning, take a break and three slow, long deep breaths. As you exhale focus on whatever is troubling you or weighing you down, leaving your body with the breath. Let it go gorgeous. I guarantee by taking this tactic when the overwhelm kicks in, your bathroom habits will settle down just like your newfound mindset.



When I am seated, still or stagnant all day, so is my system. Remember it’s like a mirror – if we don’t physically move, how can we expect our insides to. If your work day sees you tied to your desk, get off a stop earlier on the bus, park a little further away and enjoy a short walk to and from work. Maybe take the stairs, get up from your desk and make yourself a herbal tea, take a stroll during your lunch break or even better, a walk after a long work day. Find ways to move throughout your day and your digestion will follow suit.



If you want to feel alive, you need to be eating live, colourful, fresh plant foods. Ensure that you aren’t existing on a diet that is all coming out of a box, tin or packet. These processed, coloured, tampered with, chemical laden, packaged foods require minimal effort when it comes to breaking them down, digesting and absorbing them. Our bodies do not have to work very hard at all to process these foods and the toxic load and burden placed on our systems definitely doesn’t make us look or feel very sparkly. When we are eating whole foods, primarily plant based, our body has to work that extra bit harder to break the foods down, our digestion is better, our body runs smoother and the natural fibres, minerals and antioxidants keep your systems humming to a beautiful little rhythm.

We were designed to eat mainly from what the land could provide us, and lately more than ever, I have noticed such a disconnect with people and their food choices. We graze mindlessly, not checking in with our selves very often and eating from a place of misery, boredom, frustration and often discontent. We use food as a crutch or go for the options that will only momentarily satisfy our hunger or desire.

There are so many opportunities throughout the day to nourish our systems, we need to start taking them! Not only do these foods nourish and restore vitality within us, they make the process of excreting toxic build up all the more efficient and effective. Meaning you will be passing those beautifully shaped and formed banana poo’s in no time 🙂



Water really should have been placed right in the first sentence up there along side coconut oil and my bowel habits. It is the first thing I start my day with and really is the foundation of my beauty and health regime. I love to spice it up a bit with zesty fruits like lemon and lime, add some mint, or pair it with some yummy herbal tea blends. Dehydration can cause the skin to look flaky, dry, shrivelled and dull. Hydrating your system gives you that radiant glow that we all desire, it helps to increase our energy levels and my favourite – keeps us regular!



I am a huge believer in sun therapy, the healing power of mother nature and the concept of earthing. I feel the most calm, energised and whole when I am walking through leafy green surrounds, swimming in the ocean, or sitting at the beach or a quiet spot in the sunshine. Not only does the warm sunshine provide us with a nice little Vitamin D hit, it has the ability to kill harmful bacteria that can be lurking on our skin, meaning that it can aid in addressing skin complaints. Sunlight also plays a role in healthy digestion. If we are not exposed to direct sunlight daily, over time this can have an effect on our digestive system and weaken it. Exposure to sunlight promotes easier digestion and more efficient digestion.


Eliminating toxins where possible

Our little systems are getting bombarded with toxins throughout our daily life. The air we breathe carries toxins in the form of traffic pollution and things like cigarette smoke. Our homes can be toxic environments with things like cleaning products, candles, scented sprays, insect repellents, washing powder detergents and bathroom cleaners. We lather an array of chemicals on our skin, an organ that absorbs everything that is placed on it straight into our systems. We use products like moisturisers, shower gels, body scrubs, facial creams, perfumes, shampoos, soap, tooth paste, deodorants and lip balms.

The average woman uses a few hundred different chemical constituents just whilst putting on her morning makeup and we douse ourselves in sprays before walking out the door. Being aware of these factors, and considering areas where we could switch products, or apply or spray less can help to minimise our exposure. I have seen clients with stomach issues, respiratory issues and skin complaints all associated to the chemicals they are surrounded with and placing on their body.

For clearer skin and better digestion, start viewing the skin just like you would the liver or the kidneys, because in reality, whatever is being placed or absorbed by the skin, is definitely coursing through your system.


Coconut oil

I eat it, I lather myself in it, I bathe in it, I swish it around my mouth, I cook with it, I put it in my hair and there are jars of it everywhere in my house. It is by far my favourite beauty item. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing, my teeth whiter, my hair stronger, my meals more nutritious and my baths more soothing.

Oils absorb better into your skin than most moisturisers, with no harmful constituents. It stays at a stable heat when cooking, is incredibly nutritious and there is something just so loving and magical about lathering it all over your body after your shower and giving yourself a beautiful little massage cuddle.

If we were playing the ‘stranded on a desert island and you can only take three things’ game, coconut oil would be my number one.


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