So you’re young and you’re a manager.

You’re calling the shots among colleagues twice your age and making decisions for the collective good of your team.

Being a manager has its own set of challenges but being a young manager is a feat all of its own. A rewarding career path most certainly, but one that requires you to dig a little deeper, practice great awareness and fine tune your listening and communication skills.

When you’re the youngest in the room – baby faced and bright-eyed – and you’re leading the way, how do you gain respect for your gifts and capabilities, regardless of the age factor?

We have done some research of our own and have compiled these tips and downloadable tools to help you be an awesome manager, as young as you might be.


Age does not equal expertise

You have been appointed to this position because you are the right person for the job. This is the first mental barrier you need to get square with. Age is not a direct reflection of your expertise or experience; your individuality is.


Use your youth

As a young leader, you come with your own benefits. Your youth has gifted you with an innovative and creative mindset. Compared to generations before, you are wildly tech and world savvy, and you tackle challenges with an adventurous and curious attitude. Use your youth to your advantage.


Shift your focus

You’ve likely been promoted as manager because you’re awesome at your job. The funny thing now is, your focus is no longer about you anymore. It is all about your team. So while you have nailed accomplishing tasks, your job now is to help your team to accomplish their tasks in an outstanding way.


Get smart

Read, digest and have management tools, resources and policies on hand. Sign up for trainings and workshops, and then go beyond your organisation or company and read books, blogs and chat to other managers and staff. Continue to develop yourself as a manager and make it an ongoing part of your job.


Talk and listen

Talk to your team. Ask them what they like about their jobs, the challenges they face, what they want to learn and how they think the organization or company could improve. Let them know that their opinion matters.


Be a role model

Be a role model even to those many years your senior. You can’t expect people to give their best if you don’t give yours. Bring your A Game by meeting deadlines, sticking to your word, keeping your personal opinions personal, and doing your best to represent the organisation or company.


Find a mentor

As part of your continued learning and commitment to the job, find a mentor you can talk openly and confidentially about the role, including the highs and the lows. This person should be someone you respect and whose opinion and advice you value.

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