Lyndsey Eden is an advocate for true inner happiness and self-love, a mind, body, soul writer and spirituality inspired creator of; which she likes to describe as “A celebration of life and all its beautiful, delicious, wild & free moments”. With passion, creativity and a whole lot of love Lyndsey’s goal is to inspire and revitalize her tribe through holistic wellness tips, gratitude, design, nurturing and nourishing recipes (the sinful and the healthy) and all things spiritual and mystical. Her mission is to awaken your inner goddess, your big, bold, daring dreams and give you permission to live happy, wild and free, all while making everything around you as tasty and beautiful as can be. Her other happy places include surrounding herself with friends and family at home in Victoria, BC with her boyfriend Paul and their kitty Chai.
Her favourite online hangouts are her blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram {@lyndsey_eden} or send a little love note to [email protected]