How to Build a Killer Brand

For those of you who are thinking of venturing out and starting up your own businesses, huge congratulations! We commend you for your ambition and hope to provide great support for you on this exciting journey.  To start that journey off, today we will be sharing some insights into what it takes to create a compelling brand, which has a significant presence in today’s competitive market place.  Today we’ll be sharing with you ‘The Anatomy of a Great Brand’.


Your brand needs a plan!  And it has to be a strategic one!  A brand that recognises market trends and responds to consumer activity will definitely get ahead. In order to remain current and relevant, your brand must evolve gradually and strategically over time.  If you are unclear on where to even begin with your business’ strategic plan, then we recommend that you seek professional assistance.  There are many great business coaches out there who have just the right skills to help you put together a compelling and achievable strategic plan.


A brand vision is easy to create at the beginning of your journey.  However, it’s crucial that you continue to remain focused on where you plan to head, instead of getting off track with day-to-day challenges.  A flexible approach and adaptability are important skills for any business owner. However, having a strong vision will make your brand stand out from the rest.  Keep this vision in sight and it will keep you on track while also helping you to move forward. Vision boards work well here!


Make sure you are keeping your nose to the ground and are always aware of what your competitors are doing.  Are there any newcomers on the horizon? And if so, what is their unique selling proposition (USP)? Be in the know at all times, so that you can stay ahead of the game.


It’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one.  So once you have a customer on board, honour everything that you agreed to and much more!  A fake smile can be seen a mile away, so be honest, transparent, exceed expectations and the world will see that you are not only trustworthy, but also a great product to be associated with.


It’s not all that hard to build up a reputation, but it’s much more difficult to maintain it.  Ensure you are constantly seeking honest feedback from your support network. The positive feedback is lovely. However, it’s your blind spots that you will need them to focus on.  What challenges do they see for your brand that you do not see?  Active listening in the right places is also essential, to ensure you brand is being perceived as it should.


A strong brand delivers a consistent message with a tone that its audience can closely relate to.  Your voice should be congruent with the brand’s core values, personality and positioning.  So what are your brand values and what tone of voice will you be creating for that brand?  It’s also important to ensure you are using a language that both your industry and audience can feel familiar with—that is to ‘speak the language of your audience’.  A corporate tone will not resonate well with a health and wellbeing brand, and vice versa.


Your brand has to look good!  There is no compromise here.  However, what looks good to one person, may not to another.  Once again, it’s about creating a brand image that resonates with your audience.  If you are building an extreme sports brand, the look and feel of the brand must exude the energy, excitement and the young spirit that comes from the experience of using your product. And most importantly, consistency is a priority when it comes to ensuring customer loyalty.  When a customer sees you dressed as a corporate brand one day and in a playful consumer product the next day, they lose trust in your brand.  So decide what your image is going to be and stick to it!


How far does your brand reach?  Who is talking about you?  Who is recommending you?  Who wants to be associated with your brand?  It pays to build up a credible presence, both on and offline depending on your business. You will want to be everywhere your customer is looking.


Creativity never goes out of style.  It has the ability to make a brand stand out from the rest and get people talking. See it as intelligence having fun! An innovative brand will have a competitive edge, so challenge yourself to bring creativity into your amazing new brand.


When you look at the marketplace you are going to occupy, where does your brand stand? Are you able to claim a space that nobody else does?  Or are you able to stand taller than the rest by creating a more premium/niche/affordable product? Finding your position in the marketplace is the fundamental foundation of your brand.


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