An Interview with Rebecca & Amy


Get to know Rebecca & Amy, the Sister Act behind The Daily Guru, in our very special interview feature!

Rebecca & Amy are building The Daily Guru into a creatively inspiring Events & Education Company – solely dedicated to Growth & Wellbeing.

Combining Rebecca’s skills as a Life Coach and in Corporate high-end Events, with Amy’s skills as a sensational Creative Designer & senior leader, together this pair aim to create jaw-droppingly beautiful learning experiences.

Learn what makes them tick, what it’s like working with a sibling and their aspirations for DG in today’s interview!

The best part of my job is…


Helping people realize that there is more to life than what lives within their current experiences, routines & habits.  Our potential is so much more than that. I see Growth & Development as a vital part of everyone’s health & happiness – it’s truly one of the most rewarding experiences we can all embrace and I feel so grateful that Amy and I get help women to make there own growth a priority.


Growth & Wellbeing has always been something that I have significantly valued.  I now have the complete joy of pairing that with my Design and Creative background, to curate inspiring and engaging growth experiences, whilst working alongside Bec.

The greatest challenge in my career has been…


Learning to say ‘no’ to experiences, opportunities, and projects which do not align with our overall vision for The Daily Guru.  Being a recovering ‘people pleaser’, I have found it very difficult, at times, to say ‘no’ to people & opportunities I care about, but I know are not serving me. This is something I have worked hard at over the past 2 years and therefore has become easier for me, but still not a natural skill or quality.


Keeping balance in my life. I have always been a very career orientated and driven individual – someone who gets a lot of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from the work that I do. But equally, I have many other areas of my life which I value deeply.  Juggling these priorities and needs has been tricky at times.  Today I feel I’m a lot better at recognizing when I am out of balance – but I also realize that this will be an on-going ebb & flow in my life.

What’s it like working with your sister?


A-mazing!  Amy is the type of person that brings out the best in the people around her, plus we are laughing aaaaaaall the time. So the fact that I get to work with one of my favourite people, who brings out the best in me and our team – plus is phenomenally talented & driven – I truly couldn’t have wished for a better business partner.


It’s amazing.  We have always been super close and so aligned in many areas of our life, therefore taking this journey with Bec just felt right. Bec & I have talked for years about going into business together and as soon as I heard that she planned to transition DG into an Education & Events Company, I knew I wanted to be a part of it and that it was time.

P.s I just read what she wrote about me.  She is pretty phenomenal too!! lol

A typical day for me goes a bit like this…


I normally wake up at around 6/6.30 am. The very first thing I do is I recall my dreams (I’m always so fascinated by what I can recall from my dreams) followed by a cuddle & kiss with my husband.  I  have a glass of hot water, lemon & apple cider vinegar, before heading out for a 30min run.  I normally start my working day around 8 am – starting off by listing my priorities for the day & checking in with the team. My days often vary – but typically include activities like; team calls, client coaching sessions, content planning, reviewing our marketing analytics, calls with Amy, Event planning, cooking, listening to an audible, watching some Suits or Shark Tank, calling family & friends overseas, and finishing up with an early night (heading to sleep around 10 pm).



My partner & I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last year traveling around the world.  Therefore my daily routine really does depend on where we are.

But typically I wake around 7.30 am each day.  I have to say, I’m much more of a night owl – I’ve always found myself to be more productive at night, it’s just the way I work.   Plus my days rarely start the same way – I really like variety in my routines therefore ill often opt for what I feel in the mood for (i.e. yoga, running, training with my boyfriend, etc )

After this, I’ll start work and this has a similar flow to Bec’s day, except I have a number of other creative clients involved in my week.



What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?


Depression.  It’s astounding to see that over 14million adults are affected by Depression in America alone. I hope for a day when the stigma has disappeared and the treatment is effective for all.


To make the world more conscious of sustainability. It troubles me so much how we are destroying the planet and wasting resources. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?


That we are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.  The moment you lift the limitations of your previous experiences & expectations, your potential increases significantly.


Treat others how you want to be treated.

Complete the following sentences…

If I didn’t know my age, I would say I feel…




In my late twenties

My biggest fear is…


Not living to my full potential (or if we are talking about irrational fears…. falling down between a boat and a dock – Insert Shiver- lol)


Not living to my full potential

If I had one superpower, it would be…


Definitely to be able to fly


I’m a huge Marvels fan- so I’d have to say, to be like Thor! (heart, strength & hot)

If I could invite four people to a dinner party, they would be…


My husband, Oprah, Matt Damon & Ellen


Will Smith, Blake Lively, Michelle Obama & my Partner (can they all bring their partners?)

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