An Interview with Lindsay Levin

Lindsay Levin

Welcome to another exciting interview from our Guru to Watch Series on DGTV!

Thanks to our incredible partnership with FRED Leadership Forum, we’re so thrilled to introduce you to Lindsay Levin, founder, and CEO of Leader’s Quest. Lindsay is on a mission to help cultivate compassionate leaders who are capable of leading in environments that experience rapid change.

Check out our interview below, where Rebecca Sparks sits down with Lindsay, to ask all the big questions around Leadership, trends & embracing change.


In this amazing interview, you’ll discover:

  • Why Lindsay decided to create Leader’s Quest
  • How to cope with uncertainty as a leader
  • Why it’s important to cultivate wisdom and compassion
  • How to integrate work and personal life so you can maintain your energy in the long-term
  • How Leader’s Quest is going to help shape our future
and so much more!


We hope you enjoy & remember to share your questions & comments below!



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