As a child, watching her Mum turn her creative passion into a thriving, fulfilling business cemented Anna Dower’s own burning desire to become her own boss lady one day.

So she did.

Today, the successful designer and mentor at Design With Style and founder of ROOOAR digital magazine helps women in business bring their own business dreams to life through branding strategy, design and mentoring.

In our latest Guru To Watch interview, beautiful Anna is sharing with us her story on how she used her creativity and passion to start her business from nothing and the lessons, challenges and misconceptions she has encountered along the way.

The best part of my job is…

Helping women in business bring their big ass business dreams to life through branding strategy, design and mentoring.

I chose to enter this field of work because…

I have always been creative! Growing up I would take my pencils and paper everywhere I went as I saw beauty everywhere (corny, right?). Now I get to be creative everyday and as my business journey has progressed, I have also come to realise how important helping people is to me also. I pretty much hit the jackpot and get to do what I love each day.

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

Giving myself a break. I think we are often our own harshest critics and when there is so much noise in the online realm it is easy to beat ourselves up for not making enough, not doing enough and in general not being good enough. I do my best to keep my eyes on my own path and focus on my own version of success.

The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are….

That anyone can design! Sure, CANVA is cool for a play around but if you want an authentic and aligned brand that is intentional and actually converts, you need the brain and talents of an experienced graphic designer.

The most influential person in my career has been…

My Mum! For as long as I can remember, all I have wanted to do is run my own business. Growing up, my mother started her own ceramic studio in our double garage. Each Wednesday night and Saturday morning our garage was filled to the brim with laughing and happy women who spent hours indulging in their creative passions. My mum truly loved what she was doing and it showed. She was her own boss lady and that’s what I wanted to be one day. Fast forward, 15 years and you’d have found me with my head down, butt up working out of my home office to bring my dream of a creative business that roared with authenticity and awesomeness to life.

If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

Chill out! You don’t need to have everything figured out before you start. Start and the answers will appear.

My greatest achievement has been…

Starting my business from nothing except my own creativity and passion. I have employees (6 year-old me is pretty excited about that) and a successful business that allows me to express myself intuitively and creatively. I also get to work with boss-ladies who inspire me each day! #winning

The greatest personal challenge I have over come is…

Putting myself out there in a big way. It is easy to hide behind a computer screen when you are an introvert. But once I started putting myself out there and held in-person events, retreats and workshops and met my tribe face to face, I absolutely got over myself! I am real and imperfect and so are they.

I don’t understand why…

We can’t all get along #worldpeaceplease

I try to relax by…

Putting my feet in the ocean

My biggest fear is…


I can’t live without…

Coffee and my special people

I really wish I had…

A pet unicorn!

The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

Think less, do more.

If I had one super power, it would be….

The bewitched nose wiggle!

If I could invite four people to a dinner party, they’d be…

My bestie, Elizabeth Gilbert, Frida Khalo and Katy Perry


About Anna

Anna Dower is an art director, graphic designer, and the creative force behind Design With Style. With more than 15 years industry experience, she’s infused her visual alchemy into heart-fuelled businesses and brands from all corners of the globe.

As well as gorgeous design, Anna is passionate about empowering women in business. She is the founder of ROOOAR, the digital magazine that’s redefining the landscape for female entrepreneurs.

She’s also a business mentor, using her hard-won wisdom and expert insights to help her clients bring their big-ass biz dreams to life.


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