An Empath’s Survival Guide: Living as a Highly Sensitive Person

empath's guide

I’m sensitive but, what’s an Empath?

An empath is a person who has a heightened sensitivity to their environment. High sensitivity can be defined as emotional, physical, or mental responses to external (or internal) stimuli. Empaths are introverts, extroverts, and everything in between. While there are many benefits to being sensitive; such as the natural ability to listen and a better understanding of what others need. There are more opportunities for adversary and more chances to complicate relationships. Sometimes being an empath can affect one’s happiness & health in a major way.Empaths, also known as, highly sensitive people often suffer in various environments when they can easily absorb the stress in their surroundings. For example, as an empath, a vulnerable place for your energy could be your workplace. Many of us don’t enjoy the privacy of a private office or work space.

  • Do you feel like you dwell on things more than everyone else?
  • Are you constantly reflecting on instances that aren’t valid?
  • Do you prefer calm & minimally chaotic environments?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about how other people feel?

You might be an empath.

But don’t stress out about this, after all, being highly sensitive might simply mean that you need more alone time than you think. There are a ton of positive aspects of being empathetic, within reason. Being an empath could only mean that you need time to focus on deciding if the emotions you are holding onto actually belong to you.

Being highly sensitive you may need quiet time & space to just reconnect to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to cancel plans or avoid people who are draining.

Set clear boundaries for any energy thieves or negative people in your life.

Never forget that “No” is a complete sentence.

If you are feeling sensitive, or are already certain that you’re an empath, we’d love for you to use our Survival Guide as a way to manage your empathetic nature. Some highly sensitive individuals are only affected in a small way, and for many, the key to managing their oversensitivity is to utilize strategies to protect any emotional attachment to any given situation. If you want to be able to alleviate overstimulation, or live or work with someone who is highly sensitive, click for our Guide to Living Well as a Highly Sensitive Person.


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