A how-to guide to deliver upon your soul’s purpose from a simple, down-to-earth girl who went from girl-next-door to #1 bestselling guru.

Three little soul birds sit on the window to your destiny and purpose. One is named creativity, one is named service, and one is named action. Now the way I see it, you have two options. You can shoo them away, waving them out of your life, or you can build a nest for them, feed and nourish them, and when your soul birds are ready to take their first leap out of the nest – you can rest easy knowing you have done everything in your power to help your soul’s dream take flight.

We all do it. Get distracted. Make excuses. Cop out. But the number one thing I can let you in on as someone who was a ‘nobody’ this time last year to becoming a rising mover and shaker in the spiritual and new age scene today is this: Create, serve and do. Seems simple enough, right? Check in on where you sit on the scale of things, and let’s see how simple it really is. This article might be the gentle nudge ‘out of the nest’ you had been waiting for…

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So you have had a vision, the inspiration, the a-ha moment, or lightning bolt that hit your heart like a iPhone thrown at Steve Jobs head. You know you are onto a good thing you little beauty you. High five! Well done. Here is where a lot of visionaries fail – they don’t do anything with it. Do yourself the value of finishing the vision and create the whole picture. That might be writing out a strategy or making a vision board for the next few years with goals, hopes, dreams, and calls to action. Or if you are task orientated like me, you might like to create task planner with achievable goals for each week that you can tick off, ensuring that your creation is conceived and cultivated.

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Here is where you reflect on what you are about to create. Who is it going to serve? How will you get it to the people who need it? What is the goal? And how will you get there? Most importantly, what are the first steps to beginning? Starting is something many creatives fail at, because they simply don’t know where to begin. Too often we want the end result from the get go and forget that we have to work for our fruits (particularly Millennials, and I know because I am the leader of the impatient-gotta-have-it-now-dickhead-marching-band). A nest is built one straw at a time. So nest your creation, build it, add to it, allow yourself to use the best materials, surround yourself with the best environment and start with one twig. Roll up your soul sleeves and whistle while you work…

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To fly you must continue to flap your wings. Once we have started to move forward, it is important not to stop in your tracks. If a bird did, it would quite simply just fall out of the sky. I see this happen all too often with people’s dreams. They just simply stop the motion of flight. What’s the most beautiful thing about flying? Just when you think you couldn’t fly any longer, couldn’t handle any more heavy gusts of winds or workloads, you do. The more you fly, the stronger your wings get. And more powerfully, when you flock with likeminded souls, people you can mutually lift up, promote and help soar ,that workload eases. When birds of a feather flock together they can all take turns at the front, all support each other in reaching their soul’s destination. Working together, supporting each other and helping to lift each other through the journey is remarkable. It takes action – a compliment, a partnership, a positive review, a simple ‘like’ or follow on social media is all it takes. Support your soul’s flight, as well as your flock’s.

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