Want to know your best weapon for succeeding in biz?

Connecting, sharing and trusting in a person, group or network who will keep you on track, true to your values and vision, and most importantly, accountable to the actions you propose.

You and your biz need an accountability partner – there’s no question about it.

We have several in fact at the DG headquarters– people who’s opinion we value and cherish because they understand intimately our purpose and what we hope to achieve in the personal growth and wellbeing world.


It is these treasured folk that keep us coming back to our why and acting on our day to day ideas (some little and some very BIG) to bring to life our dream. Why? Because an accountability partner has your back at every turn and wants to see you succeed.

A few names or groups may be flicking through your mind as we speak. Take a moment to consider these tips before finding your brilliant accountability partner, who will not only improve the way you and your biz function from this point on, but will celebrate your wins, recognise the lesson in your losses, and will cheerlead you through to your ultimate dream.

The cosmos may have the power of manifestation under wraps, but your accountability partner is the fuel to your daily drive and determination!


Look outside of your industry

Contrary to what you might initially think, finding someone outside of your field can be hugely beneficial because of the fresh perspective and non-biased connection they bring to the table. It will also encourage you to explain your ideas openly and with least implied assumption as possible!


Choose someone who will be (brutally) honest with you

The most important quality in an accountability partner is that they’re straightforward. You’re not looking for someone who will rescue, fix or save you – you want someone who will hold you to your commitments and speak candidly about what they think.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

It’s also important to know your strengths and weaknesses when entering an accountability partnership. You’re looking for someone who has the qualities you are building upon. Any type of partnership, and perhaps even more an accountability partnership, means you’ll be giving back just as much as you are receiving. By identifying your strengths, you will be able to help impart this knowledge and skill to your partner. It’s important you and your partner are willing to provide constructive feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable to share.


Be clear about your expectations

Be very clear about the parameters of your unique partnership. There will be times you will want input and times when you just need someone to listen, so make sure you spell this out at the beginning. Again, a partnership is founded on the premise of being mutually beneficial, so ensure that your expectations take this into consideration and that equal time and energy is allotted to each person’s business. Be clear that whether or not you take your partner’s advice, each person is 100% responsible for their choices.

Whether you meet in person, in a Google Hangout, a private Facebook group, on Skype, or on email (the set up doesn’t matter), just make sure you make your intentions and arrangements crystal clear from the beginning.

Gratitude, transparency and deep honest will take you, your partner and your biz a very long way!

We promise 🙂


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