Crappy night’s sleep? 8 ways to have a cracking day anyway

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A sleepless night sucks!


There’s the tossing, the turning and the fretful glances at the bedside clock…


Then there’s the worry that you won’t possibly survive the busy day ahead on zero z’s, plus the growing resentment that your partner’s snoozing away beside you, oblivious to your night-time turmoil..


Whether it’s due to a late night out, a noisy neighbour, a mind that won’t shut up or one too many mysterious bumps in the night, a night with no shut-eye feels dreadful.


But, (sigh), the day must go on, right?


Here are 8 ways to help you feel better after no sleep and have a cracking day anyway:


Live a white lie (just for a day)

While it’s easy to curse your bad night’s sleep all day, it’s much better to pretend those wakeful hours never happened and just get on with it. Tell yourself you had an awesome sleep, and act as if you’re bursting with energy. (Perhaps just avoid the mirror to see those tell-tale dark circles staring back at you…)

Pamper your peepers

Hit the deck for 5 minutes with an eye pillow positioned over your eyes. The gentle weight is oh-so soothing to the eyes and surrounding tiny muscles. Plus, shutting down your eyes for even a little while mimics the gorgeous feeling of sleep, so you can almost trick yourself into thinking you’ve slept well. Bonus – many eye pillows are infused with the calming scent of lavender.

Fuel up, buttercup

While it’s tempting to coax an energy fix into existence with caffeine and sugary treats, resist the urge – you’ll only crash and feel crappy later. Instead, fuel up on the good stuff like a zingy fresh juice or a light, protein-rich meal.

Pep up on smell

Smell is a fast way to stimulate the emotion processing part of the brain. Whiff an invigorating essential oil such as peppermint or lemon to wake-up your senses. Sprinkle a drop or two on your wrists or shirt collar to subtly ramp up energy levels throughout your day.

Get restorative

When you can’t possible face a fast-paced vinyasa yoga sequence, restorative yoga is the answer. For this passive, floor-based style, comfortable yoga props cradle the body in specialised asanas (postures). You still get to move the body in all directions, only very gently, and while the body and soul rest deeply.

Take a ‘yoga nap’

Yoga Nidra is a super-charged relaxation practice to soothe the entire body, mind and soul on a deep level. All you need do is lie down and listen to a set of instructions that take your awareness around different parts of the body. This sets up a lovely circuit of energy while the physical body rests. Many say a 20-30 minute practice feels as refreshing as 4 hours sleep!

Clear the cobwebs

Icky air-conditioning, bright, artificial lighting and – heaven forbid – ‘Musak’; inside environments can deplete your energy, and mood even more. Save your soul and escape outside for an invigorating dose of fresh air, peace and natural light. Plus, outside environments are naturally super-charged with negative ions which promote the ‘feel goods’ and boost energy.

Breathe big

Several pranayama, (breathwork) techniques have an instant energising effect on the body, mind and soul. Keep it simple and draw a deep, belly-expanding breath in through the nose, then exhale out the mouth with a soft sighing sound – ahhhhh… Try a few rounds and observe the uplifting effects.


We’ve all experienced a horrible night’s sleep, but with a few little tricks up your sleeve, it needn’t ruin your day.


To find out the best relaxation technique for you, try Bronni’s awesome quiz, The Calm Compass here: 


Here’s to a great day, and an awesome night’s sleep.





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To find out the best relaxation technique for you, try Bronni’s awesome quiz, The Calm Compass here: