Increase your income – regardless of circumstances

There are scores of legit ways to increase your income, no matter your circumstances. With a little creative thought and flexibility, you can give your weekly pay-check a loving boost to help build your dream business, pay off your mortgage a little quicker, or buy that ticket to México! After all, no matter how good a money saver you are, a bit more money is always helpful!


Here are our suggestions to help you grow your pennies:



Have a spare room? When you don’t have visitors staying over, why not rent the room on AirBnB to travellers passing through or to short-term tenants? AirBnB is a great way to meet new people and you can choose when you make the room available to suit your plans and commitments.


Uber Driving

Have you heard of Uber? Uber is a cheaper and quicker alternative to the taxi service, and many mothers and fathers, students and teachers, veterans, neighbours and friends are jumping behind the wheel. Using your own car, when you’re ready to drive, you just open the app and trip requests will start coming in. You are instructed on who you’re picking up and directions to the location are provided. Once the trip is complete, you’ll find another nearby request. You drive when you want and earn what you need, on your terms.


Sell unwanted items

Do you have next-to-new clothes, shoes, jewellery, appliances, white goods (anything really) that are taking up space at home? Is it time to find them a new home – somewhere where they’ll be of better use and value? Scan your home and sell your unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree for some extra cha-ching!


Create an Etsy shop

Got a creative passion? Do your friends admire your calligraphy? Have a knack for making candles, soaps, jewellery? Why not create a simple shop on Etsy and sell your products. It might start with friends and family, and grow into something more lucrative than you could imagine!


Hospitality gig

To help balance your expenses (and those bank checks), you could pick up a shift or two at a local café or restaurant on the weekend or during the evening to help you get ahead.


Online Contracts

Hop onto Airtasker, Fiverr, Freelancer or UpWork. There are a multitude of short-term contracts and projects that businesses need help with and you could be the perfect person for the fit!

The last two are to do with your confidence because ultimately, your financial net worth is connected to your self-confidence.


Master your Story

Bo Eason once said, “The highest paid person in any industry will be the best storyteller.” And it’s been said repeatedly, “People will call you what you tell them to call you!” That means you need to master the art of telling your story, claiming your title, space and worth. Once you do that, no one can say anything to the contrary. And quite frankly, when you tell your story with confidence, people will rarely challenge you.


Demand Your Worth

Stop settling for what others say you deserve and focus on what you have determined you are worth. When you do that, the people you are meant to serve will respect you and honour your request because you’ll have given them a reason to be confident in your abilities to fulfil their needs.

Share with us in the comments below how you boost your income!


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