Our lives are full to the brim with ‘Things To Do’.

You know, people to see, places to go, work to accomplish, dreams to fulfil, goals to kick, expectations to meet and fun to be had.

It’s a lot of living to do in the space of just 24, short hours and so it makes sense to maximise our energy levels in order to stay sharp, do our best work and get All Of The Things done with ease.

Thing is though, energy ebbs and flows — and when it dips, too often we resort to ‘quick fix’ measures for an instant boost. Energy drinks, sugar and caffeine are high on the list of things we reach for when we’re feeling a little lacklustre or unproductive, but the problem is, the buzz is short lived and we quickly experience an almighty crash that soon enough, bring us back to square one. It’s a vicious circle.

That’s why we’re exploring some more proactive ways you can shake up your usual routine and implement nourishing, energy building rituals that will support instead of drain you. Positive habits that will help you carry you through a busy and demanding world in a natural and sustainable way.



Be mindful

This is the first, and perhaps most crucial step you should take on the path to tweaking your daily routine to increase your energy levels. It starts with becoming more aware of when and how your energy fluctuates and, importantly, identifying the habits that are effectively sucking the life out of you so that you can take action to eliminate or counteract them.

Take note of what moves and uplifts you through your day. What makes you feel energised and invigorated?

Alternatively, what depletes you or leaves you feeling sluggish or fatigued?

It’s this awareness that will set you free.


Become a ‘morning person’

Rising with the sun and filling your morning with some enriching rituals that put a stop to the yawns is a brilliant way to set yourself up for an alert and energised day.

Upon waking, let the sunlight spill into your room to help your brain get out of ‘sleep mode’ and slow down the production of melatonin — the hormone that induces sleepiness.

Increase your oxygen and blood flow by doing some stretches and deep breathing.

You’re off to a great start.


Slow down in the evening

What you do before bed is as equally important to what you do when you wake up. Let the moon be a signal for your body to begin to replenish your energy supplies for the next day.

It’s important to get adequate hours of sleep, but before turning in, be sure to enjoy a nightly relaxation ritual eases your mind, body and soul into some restorative slumber.

Switch off the electronics — phone, TV, computer — well before you hit the pillow. Drink some calming, soothing tea. Have a long, warm, bath. Inhale some lavender essential oil. Read, listen to soft music, meditate, stretch.

Go slow.


Move your body

There’s a profound link between endorphins and soaring energy levels, so trigger a daily feel-good chemical reaction by implementing a work out into your routine.

Exercise can have long-lasting effects on your energy levels, which is a great excuse to get sweaty in the morning. Tune into your body on the day to see what type of movement it is you need. Is it a high impact session? Cardio? Strength? Or do you need to roll out the mat, breath into your body and stretch?


Do something that makes you feel good

Of course, there’s also an inexplicable link between happiness and electric energy levels, so do at least one high-vibin’ activity each day that gives you a spring in your step and makes you come alive.

Kiss your lover, eat good food, experience nature, create beautiful art, cuddle an animal, swim in the sea.


Eat well

We all know food is energy, so eat what you know will sustain you through the day. Consume vibrant, whole and nourishing ingredients and meals that will fill you up and slowly drip feed energy into your cells.

Eliminate or cut back on packaged and processed foods, excess sugar and caffeine — these all suppress your energy levels.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


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