50 Things To Add To Your Bucket List


Your Very Own Bucket-list

We all have our own little shortlist of the things we want to achieve in our life.  And most of them are very sensible and appropriate; buy a house, get your dream job, buy a new car, get a pet…etc.  And these are fantastic achievements and you should continue with these great goals. But they are also in the realm of day-to-day life. Our question to you is…when you look back on your life, will you think to yourself “Wow, I really LIVED”, or “That will do”?

If you’re starting to think you would like to add a little spice to your list of accomplishments, then check out our ‘50 Things To Do Before You Die’ list.

Be bold and courageous. When we have lived our lives, we’ll regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did.

50 Things to Do Before You Die

1. Visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

2. Attend at least one major sporting event, such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or Wimbledon

3. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it

4. Buy around-the-world air ticket and a rucksack, and run away

5. Learn self-love

6. Learn not to say YES when you really mean NO

7. Be the boss

8. Ride a camel into the desert

9. Write a fan letter to your all-time favourite hero or heroine

10. Make love on a forest floor

11. Experience weightlessness

12. Learn to cook one meal really well

13. Sing a song in front of a crowd of people you do not know

14. Plant a tree

15. Create your own website

16. Go deep-sea fishing and eat your catch

17. Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally

18. Run a marathon

19. Be a mentor

20. Spend a night in a haunted house

21. Spend a night sleeping under the stars

22. Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the South of France

23. Raft through the Grand Canyon

24. Create and name a new cocktail

25. Find a job you love

26. See the Seven Wonders of the World

27. Grow a garden

28. Spend three months getting your body into optimum shape

29. Make a complete and utter fool of yourself

30. Eat jellied eels from a stall in London

31. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

32. Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her

33. Ask someone you’ve only just met to go on a date

34. Learn to laugh at yourself

35. Meditate

36. Go for a ride in a hot-air balloon

37. Attend one really huge rock concert

38. Kiss someone you’ve just met on a blind date

39. Send a message in a bottle

40. Make love on the kitchen floor

41. Ski a double-black diamond run

42. Be on the Kiss-a-gram at the basketball

43. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once)

44. Drive across America from coast to coast

45. Spend a whole day reading a great novel

46. Go wild in Rio during Carnival

47. Overcome your fear of failure

48. Tell someone you love them without the need to hear it back

49. Shower in a waterfall

50. Make someone else so happy that they could cry

What do would you like to see added to this list? As always, we love to hear your suggestions, so pop them down in the comments below!

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  1. Georgie on 11 . 06 . 2014 at 11:27 pm

    I love your list and am proud to say I’ve ticked off quite a few already, however I must say I was HORRIFIED to see your number one. Unfortunately I have actually ridden an elephant, before I learned of the terrifying truth behind this industry. PLEASE educate yourself. I do believe everyone should encounter these amazing creatures, but please do so responsibly. I rode an elephant in Thailand as many tourists do, but only years later did I visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and learn of the honourable way to enjoy these magical creatures. I encourage you not to make the same uneducated mistake I did. I can say from experience, my elephant ride was fun (at the time) however my visit to Elephant Nature Park literally changed my outlook on life – definitely bucket list worthy!

    • Daily Guru Team on 12 . 06 . 2014 at 3:38 am

      Thank you for your very useful and insightful information Georgie! Based on your feedback about this experience, we have changed our number one to…. visiting the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai x

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