Where there is growth, there is resistance.

Every time you feel yourself wanting to evolve in some aspect of your life you start to hear the faint whispers of, “you can’t do this, who are you to do this?” When you listen to those whispers and go back and forth between what you really want and your own self-doubt, is when the resistance hits.

Here are five ways to beat the resistance so you can finally leap into what it is you really want to do.

Get out of your mind, into your body

Your mind is currently trying to run the show. Your mind feeds you old stories that you have stored in your subconscious, also known as your comfort zone. These stories are a catalyst to the “I can’t…” statements, that you buy into because your mind is telling you to. Meanwhile your body is fighting to feel the excitement of what could be. Do you see where the resistance comes in?

In order to get back into your body and out of your mind for this change, take a break from the decision-making process, shake it all out. The more you think it through, the deeper you can fall into the old stories of why you can’t. Ask yourself what it would mean to take this chance? How would it feel to move towards this change?

Call out your fear

When you are growing it is easy to hide from the fear. No one else knows what is going on in your mind, so you can just pretend that you have it all together, not move into the change you want and no one would know you didn’t. You hide from your fear because you’re afraid to face your fear. Fear of the fear, ironic, right?

Call your fear out, give it a voice, so that you can’t hide from it anymore. When you feed into the fear and it has nowhere to hide you can reframe it in a new way so much easier.

“What if…” the excitement

Where there’s room for growth, there’s room for future tripping. When you dive into questions like, “what if I fail at this?” You are pretending to be able to predict an outcome that hasn’t happened yet. Which only allows you to focus more on why you cannot make this change.

Why not switch up that excitement so you can beat that resistance and “what if” the excitement instead. Feed your mind with all of the good and your decision will feel fun and easy!

Trust your growth

You are meant to grow and evolve. You have to trust that your growth is a good thing, trust that your challenges are what create change. The faster you can surrender, or trust, that growth the easier it will be to fall into growth and out of resistance.

Have some fun!

Resistance seems so serious, your fear can feel like life or death, but the reality is your growth is meant to be fun. It can be challenging at times but with each step you are moving into what you truly desire, what you really want in life. That should be full of fun! Step out of your serious mode and open up to some fun instead. This will create an openness to let the resistance to flow out and your desires flow in. Go have a thirty second dance party, try a fun new workout class, go on a weekend trip, do more of what feels good to you and resistance won’t have a place in your life.

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Megan Seamans is a Life Coach for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. She challenges women to get out of their own head and into a life they are obsessed with!

Megan is on a mission to serve women all around the globe in owning their power, stepping into their confidence, and designing the life they truly desire!