Wherever you are in the world, we bet you’re beginning to sense the impending arrival of a beautiful new season!

Over the next few weeks, our Southern hemisphere friends will begin to emerge from Winter hibernation, shrug off the Winter woolies, turn faces toward the sun and welcome Spring.

Our counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere will of course be doing the opposite as Autumn creeps in — slowing down, turning inwards, stoking the fire.


Ah, life.

What are your plans for August? We’ve got some ideas — all of which are in the spirit of getting back to basics around the home, making stuff from scratch and embracing the power of DIY.

It’s good for the environment, your health, your hip pocket and your soul. Try to learn at least one of the skills below — tiny changes can have massive impacts! 



Scour your pantry or fridge, choose a staple item and learn how to make it yourself. 

Don’t be intimidated — you may be surprised at how just how simple it is.


Consider kneading and baking your own bread dough, brewing some kombucha, boiling bone broth, making pasta, preserving your own condiments, fermenting some cabbage for sauerkraut or trying your hand at cheese-making. Chances are your grandma did all of it, so there’s no reason why you can’t do just one!

Making your own meal staples empowers you to ditch the packaging and preservatives and take control of every single ingredient that goes in your mouth.

Oh, and did we mention how rewarding it is to eat your own, homemade bread straight from the oven? It tastes better too!

And finally, if that all still sounds way too intimidating (though, it really isn’t) challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone by learning a new cooking technique, like perfectly poaching an egg!



When it comes to all things art and craft, the opportunities are endless.

Gather a few basic materials and learn how to crochet, knit, sew or make candles. Try your hand at shibori, pottery, macramé, weaving and knotting —tutorials on YouTube abound!

Making beautiful, unique wares with your own hands is incredibly meditative — and the perfect creative outlet.



 Doing the housework can be toxic work, but the truth is you can get your home sparkling with just a few safe and cheap ingredients you most likely have in your cupboard already.

Vinegar, baking soda, pure soap flakes, orange peels and essential oils are just some of the components that can be used to make a range of incredibly effective, economical, environmentally-friendly and delicious-smelling bench top sprays, laundry powders and beyond!



We’ve suggested it a few times before, but growing your own food is a lovely (not to mention, practical) exercise in grounding yourself and connecting with Mama Earth. It’ll also save you time and money at the supermarket!

You could go all out and incorporate permaculture or organic farming practices or, perhaps a simple packet of seeds and a bag of soil is more your thing?

Whatever the case, don’t be limited by your experience or the size (or lack thereof) of your plot.  Whether you have a windowsill, balcony, suburban backyard or acreage — it doesn’t matter where you are on the world map, or the size of your digs. Growing herbs, vegetables or fruit is accessible to everyone.



Before you choose between throwing out and hoarding the old, unused ‘stuff’ that has been taking up space around your home, why not consider breathing new life into it?

Old sheets and clothes can be cut up into cleaning rags and washcloths.

Jars can be washed out and turned into storage containers.

Leftover bones can become tomorrow’s soup stock. Vegetable cutoffs can be replanted and grown. Timber pallets can turn into furniture.

Get the idea?

How’s August looking for you now? Is there something we’ve suggested that you’ve always wanted to try? Share with us in the comments below!


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