Change is in the air. We know, part of you is groaning in resistance but there’s a whole lot to be grateful for! Shorter days mean cosier nights; less time in the waves mean more beach walks, and you now have an excuse to stay in your yoga tights all day long! We won’t tell 😉


As you reconsider your wardrobe choices, your energy is shifting and swaying too. You may feel more inclined to slow down, prioritise your self-care, and opt for more nights in with a book and cuppa – and that’s ok!

As you take time to reflect and rest this May, we have some suggestions to help you make the most of Autumn: 


Picnic in the park

Get your favourites together, find a spot on the grass and chat the afternoon away while enjoying fresh foods and healthy treats sprawled out on your picnic blanket. Extra points for sourcing locally!


DYI project time

Get crafty! Bring to life recycled furniture found at a garage sale with a slick of paint or finally print and compile that travel scrapbook of your latest adventures for the coffee table. Or maybe it’s time to get your knitting on! Go wild.


Learn and be inspired

As tempting as it is to stay in and go AWOL for a little while, there are a host of events happening in this rad community to keep you learning and on your toes. Join Jade McKenzie and Katherine Mackenzie-Smith – two self-confessed introverts to better understand your introverted self and create a business and events that are aligned to you on May 21st in Sydney.


Experiment in the kitchen

Soups, curries and baked warm meals – your body is craving them. Slow cooked meats for easy digestion and nourishment, baked vegetables with coconut oil (yummo!) and bone broths are a good place to start!


Journal to your heart’s content

As you’re winding down this month, capture your thoughts. With less engagements and distractions, make regular time to journal and practice gratitude for the present moment.


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Which of our five suggested activities are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!B-7

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