As it turns out, we didn’t land Earth-side with a playbook in our hand.

You know, a set of easy-to-read instructions, directions, tactics or words of wisdom to refer to when we’re feeling a little lost, confused, indecisive, scared or doubtful in life.

No set of principles to guide us in how to live, do and be our best during our precious time on this planet.



But if every human were to be handed the ‘rules’ for life, what should they say?


Plenty of thought leaders and experts on the subjects of success, happiness and living your best life — from the Dalai Lama to Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Tony Robbins and beyond — have considered variations of this question and offered up some incredibly profound insight.

Perhaps though, our favourite perspective comes from personal development guru Brendon Burchard (we’re massive fans of his, here at The Daily Guru). We love his five rules for the game of life so much that we decided to share the best snippets with you today.


RULE #1 Have a vision for your life

“Have a vision for who you want to become — the kind of person you want to become,” Brendon says.

“What are the qualities of the type of person you want to feel and be like in your life?


“What is your dream? What’s your goal? What’s your desire? Where do you want to go? Where do you want your life to head?

“What will you find meaningful at the end of your life when you look back and you say, “Wow, I’ve lived my life. These were the things I found meaningful. These were the things I’m happy about. This was what I had pride in and having become this type of person. These were the types of relationships I created.”

“That’s vision.”

To determine your vision for your life, Brendon suggests sitting down with pen and paper and asking yourself:

What do I want my life to be like?

Where do I want to live?

What kind of work do I want to contribute to the world?

What kind of relationships do I want to build?


RULE #2 Believe in your ability to figure things out 

If you can’t believe in yourself — your total self — Brendon believes you should believe in your ability to work things out.

It’s this rule, Brendon says, that will empower you to wade into any unknown territory or uncertainty and say, “You know what? I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I will figure it out.” 

“It’s the ability to know that with enough time, energy, focus — resources even — that over a period of time we can develop the knowledge, skill, competency or mastery of any area that we must succeed in,” he says.

“When the worst of life’s storms hit you, you say: “You know what, this is terrible right now. This challenge is awful but I’ll figure my way out of it. It might not be easy — there will be hardship, struggle and frustration. Other people will be jerks, but I’ll figure my way out of it. I will learn through this. I will develop through this. I will grow through this. I will move through. There will be a better tomorrow. There will be something that I move and progress in my life towards this.”

“Even if it’s a slog or a struggle — honour that struggle.

“Be okay with that struggle.

“Because, you know in your heart and mind you will figure it out.”


RULE #3 Have fun chasing your dreams

 Brendon says to have the desire to have fun on the journey — even when it sucks.

“Just say, “You know what, I’m going to bring the fun. I’m going to bring the joy into this situation proactively. I’m going to bring the light to that darkness, even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed by that darkness of doubt or delay or distraction in my life. I’m going to move that aside and show up, because I have this rule  — no matter what — I will have fun doing what I am doing, chasing my dreams.”


RULE #4 Be patient but persistent

“Be cool,” he says.

“I think some of the worst components and worst behaviours and vices of human kind comes from hurry — being in way too big of a hurry and wanting that immediate payoff. Being entitled to have it right now without allowing that long journey of struggle.

“I’m cool with the struggle. I honour the struggle. I know it’s going to be there. I’m patient. I know that my time, if I am disciplined and focused on doing the things that are good for me, for others, for my business, for my life, for you. If I’m focused, I know over a period of time with enough patience the success will come.”

Accept that everything is as it needs to be right now, and continually take action.


RULE #5 Love and respect others playing the same game

 “We’re all in this game of life. We’re all doing the best that we can,” Brendon says.

“So love others in your journey. Make it a practice. Make it a discipline. Make it an area of mastery, where other people around you always feel like you’re so attentive to them that they feel adored and appreciated. They feel your affection and it’s real, authentic and genuine, and they’re like: “Wow, this person is something”.

“Have that intention for other people. Care about them so much that they love to be around you, that you attract them and that you feel fulfilled in giving that very thing that birthed you: love.”


What rules do you live by? Share with us in the comments below!

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