4 Ways To Be Brave and Fly In Life

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When it comes to life, we are – hopefully – taught to reach for the stars from a young age.

Our parents, grandparents and influential people in our lives are constantly telling us how important it is to grab every opportunity by the horns and run with it. No child is taught to stay stagnant and stay slow. Those that are, are often in situations they have to fight to emerge from. For the most part though, children are taught to be the best that they can be in the best way they know how.

The problem lies in adulthood, where you are taught to stay safe. You are taught to play by the rules – which goes against the ‘reach for the stars’ advice you got as you gazed at them. Ironically, the same people that want you to fly will also teach you to clip your wings at the same time. When it comes down to it, you need to be brave. Below, you will find four fantastic ways to be brave and fly, no matter what anyone else tells you to do.


Live Abroad

Believe it or not, people rarely decide to uproot their entire lives and move to a whole new country. Threesomes very from not wanting to leave family, to the cost, to not knowing which immigration agents to hire for the process. The thing is, the world is a very big place, and without exploring a little bit of it you’ll never know where your heart truly lies. Home isn’t always where the heart is and if you have that wanderlust, that desire to travel, you should go for it – at least once.

You can always go back again.

Change Career

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked in the same job for years and years. There are no set rules to say that you cannot have a change. Skills are largely transferable from industry to industry. So, if you have a change of heart and want to do something new, why not looking to a change of career? Believe it or not, you may find that you can spread your wings further in an industry or company that you are not familiar with.

Give it a try and see what works for you.

Go Back To School

You may feel that it moves you backwards to go back to education, but it’s the complete opposite. Education opens doors to places you never thought you could go. The whole point of spreading your wings is to see places and do things that you didn’t think were possible for you.

Going back to school not only opens you up for new avenues in your career, it could also take you places across the world, allowing you to meet new people at the same time.

Let Go of Negativity

Negativity comes in many forms, but the one thing that most adults do not realise, is that they do not have to accept it. If there is something – anything – in your life that is making you feel unhappy, insecure, or generally low, let it go. If there are people in your family circle or your friendship circle that are bringing you down, there is no reason that you have to continue accepting that behaviour. Family or not they are there to boost you, to make you feel good, and to let you know that you are important. Be brave, and let go of the negativity bringing you down.



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