3 Ways to Stop Complicating your Life

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The reason why life is so complicated is probably because we make it that way. Life is not complicated—we are! So, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed and want to start making some positive changes to create a simplified life, then follow these three steps…

Start Meaning What You Say

The majority of our problems—big or small—start with bad communication. More often than not, someone isn’t being clear and this creates hostility and frustration. Start communicating clearly by meaning what we say and saying what we mean! Don’t expect other people to be able to read your mind—you will get better results just by telling them what you think.

Stop Trying to Change People

The next time you are asking someone to change or act differently, stop right there! Start thinking about how you would feel, if someone asked you todo the same thing. None of us likes it, so don’t do it to others. People will only change, if THEY want to, so save your energy and instead of trying to change others, give them your support and lead by example.

Be Less Dramatic

Start spending less time gossiping and talking about other people’s problems and instead focus on what you want to achieve from your day…week…or life even! Then start taking action on that. Don’t look back on your year and realize that all you’ve achieved was to comment on other people’s lives.

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